3D Action Reel


3D Action Reel


Blood Shot 3D - Action Preview - David Christian Films - A fighter is made into the perfect weapon when his ability to feel touch is stolen away. No pleasure. No PAIN.... IN 3D!

3D Demo Reel 2011 - http://youtu.be/tiVBdZdMvYA
Who Knows? - http://youtu.be/1hWLqF1a4cQ
Blood Shot 3D - http://youtu.be/IpSm0f7vVcE
Duct Tape Fight - http://youtu.be/uOitcM-nnaY
Depth - http://youtu.be/lhzgBip2DDc
Happy Fun Surprise - http://youtu.be/Fn_SlCEM028
Yo-yo Kung Fu Master - http://youtu.be/Hk4QCofiDaU
David Christian Who Knows? - http://youtu.be/OOebVqFPK-Q
Andrew Neis Who Knows? - http://youtu.be/nymv3HAcjD4
Demo Reel - http://youtu.be/aG59EkMH3gM
Blood Shot 3D Final Battle - http://youtu.be/m88vtLVOLck
Demo Reel – Director David Christian - http://youtu.be/blCJKaA-bO4
Blood Shot 3d – Action Reel - http://youtu.be/9Ojf0onkDD4
Demo Reel 3D 2011 - http://vimeo.com/34647719
Depth - http://vimeo.com/34647926
Who Knows? - http://vimeo.com/34648072
Sheet Music - http://www.metacafe.com/w/7945558
Blood Shot 3D - http://www.metacafe.com/watch/7945449/blood_shot_3d/
Short Reel - http://www.metacafe.com/w/7951250
Demo Reel -http://www.metacafe.com/w/7951243
Depth - http://www.metacafe.com/w/7951254
Andrew Neis Who Knows? - http://www.metacafe.com/w/7951276
David Christian Who Knows? - http://www.metacafe.com/w/7951281
Blood Shot 3D Final Battle - http://www.metacafe.com/w/7955217
Blood Shot Final Battle - http://www.megavideo.com/?v=0XJDH5NU
Depth - http://www.megavideo.com/?v=D2K9E577
Who Knows? - http://www.megavideo.com/?v=0NV92BCS
Sheet Musci - http://www.megavideo.com/?v=T2RTXPC5
Short Reel - http://www.megavideo.com/?v=1GX6OG1K
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David Christian is a film director in San Francisco and LA, Hollywood. He is a director of new movies, TV shows and online videos.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 1:00

Country: United States


  • David Christian


  • David Christian Andrew Neis Rebecca Castle