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In a 20 year career as an accomplished filmmaker, David Heavener has written, directed, produced and starred in over 30 motion pictures and had distributed hundreds more. He has worked hand in hand with such Hollywood greats as Academy Award winner Martin Landau, Academy Award nominees Tony Curtis, Sally Kirkland and Karen Black. Margot Kidder, Isaac Hayes and Robert Reed are just some of the other notable celebrities to have been involved with David’s projects. Many of his movies have aired on HBO, Showtime and USA Network. He has guest-starred on NBC’s “Hunter” and “Days of our Lives”. He has been featured on “Entertainment Tonight” and “Backstage West”. David’s recent film, “Dawn of the Living Dead” was released on DVD in August and spend 12 consecutive weeks in Wal-Marts’ top 10 list for DVD sales. David's most recent project entitled "Confessions Of An Exorcist" is being scheduled for theatrical release in late summer 2009.

Prior to becoming a filmmaker, David started in the arts as a songwriter for Capitol Records. Christian recording artist Cristy Lane took one of his songs into the top ten on the Country charts as did Billy “Crash” Craddock. A dozen more songs penned by David have graced the country charts as well.

In addition to songwriter and filmmaker, David holds another title, Minister of Music. After serving in this capacity for the last 15 years, David has finally completed his new faith based CD which is also the soundtrack to his new TV series entitled “Confessions of an Exorcist”, starring wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

David has turned his filmmaking success in to a one-day filmmaking seminar entitled "Make Movies That Make Money". During the seminar he touches on all aspects of filmmaking, from defining your purpose, developing the concept, getting funding, making the movie and all the way through to distribution. The DVD version of his seminar is due out in late summer of 2009 with a book to follow shortly thereafter. Visit the website http://www.makemoviesthatmakemoney.com for more info.

Quotes about David:

“David Heavener is the pride and envy of every aspiring actor-director-producer-screenwriter..” - Backstage West

“the ‘Woody Allen’ of action films….” – Backstage West

“Other people who try acting, directing and producing give up – he must be a great business man…” – The Psychotronic Video Guide

“David Heavener is a down-home hybrid of Orson Welles and Roger Corman” – Entertainment Weekly

“He is living the life that most beginning filmmakers and established ones only dream of, and he’s doing it on his own terms...” – Backstage West

“David Heavener’s ‘Eye of the Stranger’ is perhaps one of the best directed independent films I have ever starred in ..” Martin Landau, Academy Award Winning Actor

“Everything David Heavener knows about production and distribution he’s learned in the trenches. There are very few people who have gone it alone, so successfully, for so long. If you’re a Hollywood outsider wondering how to get it done, David is the guy who’s got almost all the answers.” – Joe Bob Briggs, Actor/ Filmmaker

"David is the best at what he does, acting, writing, directing and producing. If you really want to learn to be an actor in film today, go see David's seminar. He's the best PERIOD!" - Ken Daniels, Founder "Fright Night FilmFest", Louisville, Kentucky

“I took the seminar last Saturday and it was like a shot in the arm! Good honest facts to work with. Very helpful information and no b.s. Thank you, David. Plus a great follow-up phone consultation to help with my projects.” – Beverly Lloyd

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for such an informative seminar. I was slightly discouraged before your seminar, but now that you showed us a step by step on how to get a movie made, I am ready to rock.” – Christina Becker

"David shows you the nuts and bolts of the film industry allowing you to pave your own path in Hollywood." - Frank Zanca - President, Destiny Horizons, Inc.

"In a business known for selfishness, David Heavener does something remarkable. He willingly gives others the secrets of the trade he has mastered for decades. His seminars go beyond the superficial and gives the participants the nuts and bolts… Anyone serious about becoming a producer should take David Heavener's seminar." - Michael Gavino - Producer/Writer/Actor

"I have always been fascinated with David Heavener as an independent filmmaker. His choices are eccentric, unique, sexy and he loves to push the envelope! His quite the "dark" genius! I am glad to call him a mentor." - Brooke Lewis - President, Philly Chick Pictures

Having attended David Heavener's seminar and having read his Filmmaker's Workbook, it is my pleasure to recommend this course to anyone interested in filmmaking. The most outstanding feature is the thoroughness in which he covers every area of the movie making industry. This well organized body of instruction gives us a new sense of excitement for our project. Upon completion, I left reeling with a confidence ringing out from within my heart saying - 'I CAN DO THIS!'" - Paul Burley - CEO, Song-n-Story Ministries