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There’s something about picking up a camera and having the flexibility to create something entirely original out of nothing, Making something that seems at first glance a little boring or ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary.

It was the ability to mould the shape of reality, create something of your own and share it with the rest of the world that intrigued me. I've always believed that great films are made out of love and care for the production, and to make something truly outstanding you need to have real passion for it. I've only ever pictured a story in a cinematic and visual way. I would come up with a great idea and say to myself, 'why has no one ever made that' or 'this would make an awesome film.' There's always been something missing deep inside my mind, a part of me that desperately wanted to share stories and I knew it was always going to be film making. I've never loved something as much as this.

The kinds of films I want to make are the ones depicted around real emotions and how we as human beings create an understanding of this. I remember the first time I watched Blue Valentine and thinking to myself, this is how it is, this is real life. There’s no Hollywood cliché or the contrived and inevitable resolution to this happy fairy tale. The film is neither upbeat nor sad, it is honest; one director’s vision and understanding of how relationships are. He isn’t trying to answer any questions, he’s trying to raise them and that’s exactly what I’d like to achieve with mine.

I am currently studying Film (Media) Production at Staffordshire university. Although I’ve gained so much from the past few years working alongside friends, colleagues and sometimes professionals I know that I’ve got so much more potential to fulfil. One of the most valuable pieces of information I’ve learnt is to break outside of what you feel is comfortable. I strongly believe this is the only way we can fully achieve our goals, otherwise fear will hold us back.