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I began traveling extensively after college and decided to bring a camera along. I learned a few editing programs and enjoy the progress that has flowed from it. Let me know if you like what I have put together.

In 2006, a year after Hurricane Rita and Katrina devastated the people and land of the gulf coast, 10 Americans, from all over the country, bump along in a van headed south from South Carolina to help out people who need their help. Joined with 15 other vans packed with 18-25 year old AmeriCorps* members on the highway, these volunteers were ready to sweat and already sweating. Full of purpose and drive to help those affected by the storm.

Thousands of organizations and non profits have spent millions of hours working hard to help people.
Over 90 Million Americans volunteer!*
Their efforts are good to recognize and encourage as it can only lead to the betterment of people’s lives and all life around us.

I took a video camera with me on the van and recorded some real-world happenings throughout our months in New Orleans.
"Nau Lins".
I had never done anything like this before. I was giving my time to volunteer for 10 months in hopes to record a documentary.
I didn't have a theme when I began but I knew it would come to me after I got started.
And after seeing Spike Lee's portrayal of the reality that had happened in New Orleans, I thought it was a good start.
And now, these people are still working to get their communities back up and running and they are picking up pace.
Thanks to you volunteers.

That's why I filmed this documentary, to help show how volunteers are helping people, the true change that they are making, and the real challenges they face.
I would like to see this film edited to inspire others to volunteer and to screen when I throw fund raisers for our non-profit friends down in New Orleans.*

I would hope people would be inspired to bring a video camera with you when you volunteer and upload your videos onto Film Annex. It's free when you're a member.
Email me so I can put your link on my page.

Million of people around the world are volunteering every day and it's about time people show the reality of what is happening and the positive change that is occurring.