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My name is Jason Leon, and I was born in 1996, and raised in Los Angeles, California. My parents are of Russian and Austrian descent. I have been blogging for a while on multiple platforms, and have competed in a lot of English competitions. For short, writing is one of my passions.

What you can find in some of my blogs or videos?

I am devoted to promoting new, underground artists that hold diverse nationalities; coming from African countries to European countries. I also cover new trends in the fashion industry, and various cultures. Films are also review here!. AND on top of that, being a large sports fanatic,occasionally I plan on covering hot sport-related information. All in all, if you are looking for a diverse atmosphere in terms of content, you have come to the right place.

Creative, original content will be found throughout my profile. High quality material will be presented to viewers. Spectators are welcome to link with this channel; providing us with independent videos is encouraged.