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I was growing up in Abhazia inside the war in 1991-1993.

My city is a typical industrial town in Russia, known for tall smokestacks and indistinguishable Soviet-era apartment buildings. Once when I was eight years old, I got lost because our neighborhood looked exactly like the one across the street. Growing up, I preferred spending time at the library, where I read about adventures, far-away places and of course peace and happiness. Being a child of war I developed a new passion – an inspiration of people on achievements and desire of better life. This childhood helped me define my dream. These harsh events from my past, the observation of pain and other people struggles motivated me to become a journalist, difficulties helped me acquire confidence and led me on a path to develop a passion that continues to excite me today.

I have more than 16 years of experience in journalism.
While in Moscow, I used to work on TV and acted in several arts house movies. Interview format is always inspired me and that’s why together with my team we did several advertisement campaigns in the form of short documentaries for Sab Miller, BMW, Phillip Morris, P&G and others. I did 4 videos a month about the best festivals and cool parties around Russia and the World.
 Before that I produced an own show that was broadcasted online. The show called Miller TV and filmed some of the Russia's biggest celebrities, artists, musicians, and creative thinkers. Then I got job at MTV Russia, There I did 1001 interviews with a big name like Iggy Pop and Abramovich.

Currently I am producing and hosting the video blog "Govornonstop" where I am interviewing intrusting people, celebrities, the starts of electronic scene.

Being a DJ for about 5 years, it is very easy to find common topics of conversation with my guest and discuss the areas beyond our professional experience.