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Florence based artist Karina Drogowska was born in 1981 in Warsaw, Poland.
She graduated with a Master of Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw in 2006 specializing in Painting and Print (Lithography).
She has also completed Graphic Design course in St John's Central College in Cork and Cork College of Commerce in 2009.
Karina was a member of Black Church Print Studio in Dublin, Corkprintmakers in Cork and South East Plein Air in Wexford, Ireland.
At present she's pursuing: painting, drawing, print and graphic design while being involved in some theatrical productions.
Her work are inspired from images of every day life, such as landscapes, architecture and people. Karina watches objects almost like a thief who want to rob an impression from them and hold it on canvas , freezing that moment. Of her work Karina says:
"I find the most important thing is to capture the atmosphere which prevailed at a given location ... and I think this is a big challenge for the painter to give the full atmosphere of the surrounding nature. For me, it is unbridled nature, unpredictable, sometimes frightening, but also beautiful. I like to paint on large canvas because the size does not affect me, you never know what will be the final result of my work.
I think that nature is my element; I aspire to act, inspired to create."
website: http://www.karinadrogowska.net