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Kodak is the world’s foremost imaging innovator. With sales of $10.7B in 2006, the company is committed to a growth strategy focused on helping people better use meaningful images in their life and work. Kodak’s imaging leadership includes a broad technology and materials science base, which supports its many product lines ranging from a robust silver halide portfolio to digital still imaging, inkjet printing, information management, and document imaging. Entertainment Imaging is the company’s motion picture division, which has served the entertainment industry for over 100 years, providing the highest quality motion picture camera negative, intermediate and print films; recycling and archival services; as well as a full range of digital products and services, including digital cinema, FX and postproduction. Through a spirit of collaboration, Kodak is a committed partner to the entertainment industry and its future. Kodak continues to be a driving force in the evolving motion picture chain – from capture to display – by setting standards for image quality, exploring new technologies, improving workflow efficiencies and protecting the creative integrity of content.
For further information http://www.Kodak.com