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I was born in Albany, New York. After graduating from high school, I decided to join the Marine Corps. I joined the infantry as a mortarman and got deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. I will be getting out of the Marine Corps in December this year.

Before I joined the Marines, I worked at several jobs. At 16, I got my first job at a place called Hewitt's Garden Center as a loader and care taker. The job at the garden center taught me hard work and how to deal with people, clients and suppliers.

My next job was at Wendy's, the fast food restaurant. I worked in the kitchen and as a cashier. This job was very fast paced.

Later on, I worked at PetSmart as a pet care specialist. This job taught me how to interact with customers and make a sale. I learned that with patience and charisma, you could sell almost anything to anyone. I sold hundreds of animals and supplies to people in the year that I worked there.

The next and last job before the Marine Corps was a Deli worker at a grocery store called Shop and Save.

Being part of the Marines has been the most rewarding position I’ve been in. In the Marines, my job title is 0341 Infantry Mortarman. I am currently a corporal. The Corps has taught me skills that I would never have learned anywhere else. I learned how people all over the U.S live and think. Marines from almost every state interacted or lived with me at some point. During my deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan, I learned how different societies lived their lives. I have taken a lot of positive things from both places and will use them to further my life goals. Things like the 15-mile hikes and the gas chamber training has taught me to endure anything. The discipline and perseverance the Corps has instilled in me will help me overcome any obstacle set before me in life.

Going forward, there are a couple business ideas I have that I want to turn into a reality. I want to open a specialized gym with different sections. One section will be a casual workout place with weight machines and a lot of cardio machines. This will attract the middle-aged men and women. The next section will be for power lifters, mainly all free weights. This section is going to attract body builders. The last section will have grappling mats and punching bags. It’s going to attract fighters ranging from boxers to judo competitors. Every section is going to have trainers who specialize different workout styles. The gym is also going to offer nutrition services and a massage parlor, as well as a few tanning beds. If funded, I believe this will be a highly successful initative.

My other idea is to build a zoo where you can also buy pets. I want it to be an indoor zoo where each climate can be specifically controlled. There will be tropical, arctic, desert, and temperate forest sections. I would also like to include a small walkway through the aquarium section of saltwater creatures. The key to this endeavor will be finding the right location for the zoo and advertising it effectively so that schools can visit it on a regular basis. What will set this zoo apart from other zoos is that instead of a gift shop, it will have a shop where you can buy exotic pets and all the supplies you need to take proper care of them. Rare Reptiles and Amphibians, Birds, and fish would be the main sellers.