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I am a Global Ambassador for those who cannot advocate for themselves.
Therefore, I lend my voice to resonate hope, inspiration, healing and encouragement as my writing focuses on Women's Rights, Vitiligo, Abandoned Wives and Children, Organ Transplantation and Digital Literacy for the Blind, Elderly, Disabled and Underserved.

As a woman with an autoimmune skin condition called Vitiligo, I understand the concerns of people around the world who, like myself, want to bring awareness of the devastating effects of vitiligo and raise monetary funding for clinical scientific research for a cure. It is my hope to collaborate in the development of camouflage cosmetic applications, tissue graft transplantation methods and effective medical treatments.

In the USA, children with vitiligo are bullied, have committed suicide and people often stare in awe at the white milky patches that appear on their skin. In other countries, people with vitiligo suffer in silence. And in parts of Africa people are often ostracized from their villages, considered a nemesis or to be cursed.

Over 119,000 people in the USA are on the waiting list for life saving and life enhancing organ transplantation surgeries so that they can have a second chance at life. But 18-20 of those patients die everyday while waiting for an organ donor match.

As a former Senior Flight Attendant, I had the opportunity to visit many rural towns and inner cities in the USA that have underserved populations. While traveling to underdeveloped countries, I witnessed injustice toward women. And sadly, today injustice still exist towards many minority races in my own country.

With compassion and forbearance, I overcame being abandoned, emerging with a genuine interest to empower others across the globe with the ability to arise from the fire with beauty for ashes with inner peace, self acceptance and reach their goals.

Through tragedy to triumph, I believe our society can rebuild communities through social entrepreneurship. By helping others become empowered to succeed against every odd, provides hope for a brighter future and a better world for us all.

MeShona’ Walker