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Mehdi Boostani was born in 1978 in Kerman. His father was an employee in Oil company and his mother was a literature teacher. He got his diploma in Kerman and then he went to Isfahan to continue his studies, and finally got his B.F.A in cinema direction from "Soureh" college in 2000. During that four years, beside 2 primitive short films, he made 2 other short films: "BORNA" and "Avayi ke hanooz zendeh ast/The voice being alive yet" for Kerman provincial TV, but none of them was allowed to be shown because of unfound norms. In that days he understood that he can't have governmental sponsor because those just invest on Pasteurized !! films.
The film "Mahkoom/Convicted" he made for his thesis, supported with the loan his father received from bank. Although this film was shown in several international festivals and won two awards from oberhausen reputable festival, it wasn't allowed to be shown in internal festivals.
To continue his studies, he went to Tehran in 2001 and studied Dramatic literature in M.A level in Fine art faculty of Tehran University. In that period, he made 2 other short films: "Mojrem/Guilty" and "Gonah/Sin" with his little personal invest and financial partnership of his friends. One of them was officially sequestrated by the authority of supervision and assessment office of the ministry of Islamic guidance and also the other wasn't allowed to be shown in internal festivals, although it was restrictively shown in several external festivals.
The subject of most of his films is about Iranian women whom living in an Androcentric society. Regarding his permanent thought about women's issues, he wrote his thesis with the subject "Women in Iranian contemporary Dramatic literature" and graduated in 2004.
After that, with financial partnership of his father and his friend, he made another short film named "Saghf-e bala-ye sar/A roof over the head " which was also sequestrated by supervision and assessment office of the ministry of Islamic guidance, because of its frank representation, but was shown in several external TV program and festivals.
To pass his mandatory military service, he entered Police force. In that period, he wrote some scenarios to police officers in their behaviour and contacting people, which were made by other director. He also made 4 short films such as "Rahayi/Deliverance"for Police force and now after finishing his mandatory military service, he is going to make his next film.