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My name is Rashid Nikzad I was born in Kabul 1994in a small family. When I opened my eyes first thing that I saw was war. The first thing that I hear with my ears was sound of gun and bombing. That is why we went to Iran and I experienced of many bad things in my very young aged. I start my education in Iran my purpose studying was not only learning to write and read I had bigger target and it was serving my poor people, that is why I studied hard and I could get good marks. When the war in Afghanistan become to its end we came back to your own country.I graduated from Abdul Ali Mustaghni high school; I had learned some English and computer in Iran.When I came to Afghanistan I started teaching computer in NOWEN institute in Kabul and I am getting some preparation for conquer exam in near future. I have worked as actor in Farda radoi and TV lockated in kabul afghanistan. Because my hobby is writing and I enjoy writing about everything especially my country I start working with film annex because I know that, this site is going to help my country and I will help it as much as I can.