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It all started with Phil Holbrook's nightmare. And now we're turning it into a feature length thriller that explores the question: WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR YOUR FAMILY?

THE STORY: Paul hasn't connected with his daughter for over 10 years, but when their world is turned upside down by an unthinkable act, he has to decide what's more important: doing the right thing or setting things right? TILT is about revenge & forgiveness, betrayal & redemption, and second chances...small town style.

THE LOCATION: TILT was filmed in Brainerd, MN, where many generous friends and strangers pledged essential services that made this movie possible.

THE COLLABORATORS: This film is a collaboration between several microbudget filmmakers. Director Phil Holbrook kicked the project off when he approached filmmakers / screenwriters Julie Keck and Jessica King (also known as King is a Fink). Julie and Jessica are sharing writing and producing duties, with both also stepping up to try on the newly coined PMD (Promotion / Marketing / Distribution Manager) title. Cinematographer Jeremy Doyle has promised to make everything look pretty and scary and (sometimes) pretty scary.

THE MUSIC: We held a contest on our TILT website (http://tiltthemovie.wordpress.com) for a composer, and the winner was the very talented Bill Finn. Bill got started by providing the music for our TILT pitch video, and we're excited to see what he comes up with for the movie.

Production finished in late September 2010. Are you ready to see some behind the scenes videos and how-not-to tutorials?