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Filmmakers » Director, Executive Producer, Writer

Documentary filmmaker and award winning journalist Neil Lundy has been
providing provocative television programming for more than twenty-five years, sixteen of which were spent from his basses in Germany and England. Some of his international clients include:

Deutsche Welle, Anchorman, European Journal, Cologne, Germany
CNN, Berlin Bureau, Germany
MSNBC, Frankfurt, Germany
WDR TV network, Cologne, Germany
World Wide Television Network, London, UK
Super Channel, London, England
Global Television network, Bureau Chief, London, England

Lundy's focus is on social issues and in some cases exposing criminal activities. His international journalism awards include those from the New York Film & TV Festival in New York. He has covered stories from Albania to Uzbekistan and most points in between.

When Lundy incorporated Adventure Film Productions Canada in 1998 he mandated his company to continue his passion for focusing on social issues.