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Banyak Films is a Devon and London based documetary film company. We make, crew and post produce documentaries.

We make documentaries for cinema, television and the web. This takes us to a lot of interesting places along the way - from micro doc internet virals to current affairs and interactive projects.

We also offer editing services. Our editing facilities are located at our office in Old Street. We cut on Final Cut Pro edit suites with grade 1 broadcast monitors. We also have a data base of broadcast editors to match to specific projects - from feature docs to promos.

At Banyak we are more than happy to hire all the kit you need. Whether you're making documentaries, music videos or low budget shorts, as well as feature docs aimed at theatrical release.


Documentary films are the best medium for bringing compelling human stories and issues to the widest audiences. They exist to challenge our perceptions of the world enabling us to experience another point of view from a small town Devon photographer to an 100 year old Ping Pong player.

Telling real life stories is what we live for. We couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


All our documentaries are shown below. So, why don’t you have a look? Just click on the links below to find out a bit more information about each project.


If there is anything else you would like to know about a particular project, or Banyak Films then we would love to hear from you at or for further information go to our website