1. Introduction To Start Hacking

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Every one know that hacking is crime


i think it's not

if u ethical


Here basically 3 types of hackers - i)White Hat  ii)Grey Hat  iii)Black Hat

White hat hackers are good,they allways helps peoples

and i am white hat

so do not go to grey or black hat they are bad guy

they can hack ur bank accounts and much more


What do u need to start hacking

1. Basic Knowledge of Linux

2. Learn Some Programming Languages Like C,C++,Java etc.

3. For better learn some scripting language like Python,pearl etc

after that u are eligible to start

4. Download a hacking distro called BackTrack 5 R3

backtrack is for beginners to learn hacking after that u need to download and install Kali Linux.Kali Linux is the Upgraded version of backtrack

u can download backtrack from their official website  http://www.backtrack-linux.org

u need to download from torrent bcoz direct download is not available for backtrack

after download u need to install to ur pc.

5. U need 2-3 PC's for practice

if u hav'nt more pc's don't worry use Virtual Machine Software

with virtual machine u can run multiple os at same time

Use VMWare Player,Oracle VM Virtual Box for viirtual machine

in The next post i will tell u how to install on pc and virtual machine

Demo of BT5

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