10 amazing facts about sleep

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10 amazing facts about why we need a good night's sleep :

1. Familiar smells helps form memories in the brain during sleep , improving the performance of your training .

2. WinCE bodies when we fall asleep - a very common phenomenon . It is completely harmless and is called " hypnagogic jerks ."

3. One small study found that playing the didgeridoo ( a musical wind instrument of the Australian Aborigines , which is a long wooden or bamboo tube. - Ed . ) Contributes to the improvement of sleep because strengthens muscles involved in breathing .

4. Analysis of the daily rhythms of the person shows that the most natural time for an afternoon nap - between 14:00 and 16:00 . While sleeping in the afternoon, more conducive to the restoration of the body , a little rest around noon enhances creativity.

5. Studies have shown that a mutation in the gene DEC2 allows some people to fully sleep four hours of sleep a night . No side effects on the body of such a short sleep in them was found.

6. However , it is unlikely you belong to this group of people . Those who were lucky enough to get enough sleep for a few hours , no more than 5 % in the world . Most people need 8 hours of sleep . However, about 30 % did not allow myself to sleep more than six hours a night.

7. One of the theories about why we need to sleep, claims that during sleep our brain organizes memories and impressions that he received during the day. It seems a dream , we can cope with the memories of unpleasant or traumatic events .

8. Some researchers by analyzing brain activity were able to reconstruct the videos that people viewed the afternoon on the channel YouTube. Scientists believe that it is not far off the day when such a procedure will help to decipher dreams.

9. Military researchers have found that if you sleep enough in advance ( such as going to bed earlier for a few days ) , sleep deprivation is not so heavy .

10. If the 12 nights you'll sleep just 6 hours , the state of your body will be as in the presence of 0.1 % blood alcohol - slurred speech , impaired balance , memory impairment . In other words, a state of intoxication.

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