10 articles written for 22 year old..

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1. As in that your health at the highest level. Science proves that age 22 is the age at which metabolic processes in the body you have to say is perfect. You can eat all night drinking with his friends, but the next morning still could awake to go to work. You can spend all the money go travel to eat fried noodles for a month still nothing concrete magnetite. So, let's take advantage of it, but spinning away jubilantly. Take advantage of it to try all the things you want to try. Take advantage of it to climb the mountain to which you want to climb.

2. As the year you are entitled to stumble and get up. You are allowed mistakes, be allowed to make bad decisions, allowed to dose, are permitted foolish. You are allowed to try a hairstyle really does not suit her silly, be allowed to love the wrong person, allowed to steep savings off to a crazy plan. New step into life, you do have anything that takes? If things go well, you learned something. No one can blame you either way, both because only 22 after all.


3 years is extremely important for you to learn. You are no longer a little girl, the boy asked what students do not know. 22, we need to distinguish between several types of wine, to know what to buy gifts for everyone on what occasion, must know to listen to some classical music, one must know how to write a decent CV, to know how to write a letter of death Health boss. Their daughter to makeup, to know his son in a suit and tie. Large and know, 22 already.

4. The only way to know if I really want to do is try, and there is no better year to try out different options as you 22 years of age. You can try different things until you find a job favorite. You can try to live in another city, another country to find somewhere you like, and more importantly, to be able to look back on his homeland with a more objective eye. Do not try do you know?

5. Being the age that you are allowed to unleash your dreams and pursue it without fear of any barriers. Before that? A ha, you have to go to school. Then you must comot steady job, or worse, a few families and children. Not condemn a family story, but the truth is you can not pursue selfish passions themselves having to shoulder the responsibility on the shoulders of a mountain. 22 years is probably the only adult but you are not responsible adults.

6. What about the responsibility for Families, why? May the world, 22 is the year you've just graduated from college, meaning that you are just starting a career, meaning that families will relax with you more. Parents will sympathize with you not caring for the holidays. Believe me, there is rarely any year will enable parents to help you as you are 22 years of age.

7. A milestone year highlighting the changes between "world where you still know" and "real world". You will quickly realize that what you learned in school and what you are about to face is completely different from each other. You will have the first shock of his life, but that also means that you will learn valuable lessons will follow you go throughout life.


8. As you recognize yourself in 3 years to reach 25 markers, markers that most of us will have big goals to accomplish. How much water do you want to go before the 25-year-old, I want to say how many languages ​​before the age of 25. 22 years old, you look at those goals and sigh: "I still have three years to implement its body that".

9 As the year you start thinking about a family. No longer does not love does not shore wharf age students. Both boys began to work and know, the stuff at home have also started urging him to carry and know. Suddenly, you see people in your dreams under a different lens. But do not hurry, you will be 22 years old. Do not fall into the trap of early family then complained: "I also want much but now I caught one husband / wife and two children." Enjoy single adult life has gone offline.

10.La year you earn the first dollar, meaning that you earn coins realized how strenuous. You appreciate more labor, know how to use money more wisely, and more importantly, grateful parents have raised their pit uninterrupted for 22 years. I just naturally found small, adult medium terrible

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