11 microscopic images show you the beauty implied in the matter

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The microscopic world reveals that there is much more than what we can perceive with the naked eye-a lavish interior landscape that often, however, work system and resonance analogy with macroscópico- world.

Revelations of small cosmic drama of insects, bacteria, larvae or drops and grains (which are themselves small universes, worlds power). Unexpected colors and textures that activate our imagination and awaken the desire for knowledge, to discover what things are made.

For those who like this cell exploration, traveling into the matter, surely the best recommendation I can do is visiting the account of Twitter "Microscope Pics ", which collects the best captured by an electron microscope images. With over 300 thousand followers and less than 200 tweets, this account is a marvel of the finest selection, just watching the amazement of aesthetic than scientific curiosity. Beyond the visual seduction, these images have an access to the microscopic world of biology, chemistry, medicine, technology and environment in detail and scientifically correct.

On the other hand, another attraction to penetrate the interior of the matter is related to note that, on another scale, also emerge complex systems, which either play our perception or a self-referential nature, are microcosms, universes contained in a seed, seas in a drop (as we can see in the pictures). It is the basis of the Hermetic philosophy that inspired alchemy consider that the world is a mirror: the microcosm reflects the macrocosm-and not just anecdotally but as a divine seal and as a panarmónica- structure. Manly P. Hall writes about this amazing notion that the whole is contained in each part and each part can resurface the Whole:

A small particle of the Philosopher's Stone, if poured onto the surface of the water as an appendix on universal salt Herr von Welling, immediately issues begin a process of
recapitulation miniature history of the universe, and that instantly, as tincture Spirits of the Elohim is stirred on the water body. A miniature universe is formed, which, say the philosophers, indeed emerges from the water and in the air, which goes through all levels of cosmic development and eventually disintegrates.

Pollen grain on the wing of a butterfly.






Ant carries a microchip into a dystopian micropaisaje evoking a strange forced labor on a distant planet.









Cells show happy faces grass or small outbreaks of ghosts color and sunshine.

A microscopic image of marijuana shows a sinister underworld of filaments and structures in what appears to be a kingdom fungi


This poetic image of a human eye is a window to a landscape in an autumnal forest burning under a Twilight star.

A dewdrop - "the semen of nature" - frozen in a sheet.

A human language: the grotesque beauty of kissing?

This is what's inside a drop of salt water (salt is a universe).

Soap bubbles magnified (classic psychedelia saponífera).

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