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Eleven more days and my blog, Cebu's Plaza Independencia which was submitted on February 27, 2015 will celebrate it's first month waiting for Miss Hillary to review it. I have waited for it but it seems like bitLanders is taking too much time reviewing those old users here taking for granted the new ones. I can say this because almost all videos showing in the homepage which has this satoshi claim bonus has been posted a year or more from today. I wonder if the users are still active though but as from my own point of view, it looks like the site wants the old users back.

Well of course they would love them to come back, I want them to fill this site as well with great content and we can socialize with them too!

But then, I hope bitLanders would play fair with this content review thing. I have sent reviews not for ten gems only, most of them have been submitted in exchange for at least forty gems which costs a few bitcoins though and I expect them to give me back a faster review at least.

One more thing, this tag thingy which had been really a challenge to all of us is also getting into my nerves. I wonder if there's a magic formula to the tag words that we should enter so it can pass the criteria, I had the same issue before and I appreciated what mr. bitLanders himself commented. That gained me two or three 5/5 stars blog but after that, it seems like Miss Hillary is looking for something else. See, I have followed the same strategy as before in tag posting.

Anyway, I don't care about the tags anymore as long as she can review my contents as soon as possible. For now, I have four blogs pending for review and one gallery.

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