11 Things Parents do That Drive Their Childless Friends Insane

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To all the new parents out there and old ones: we know you love your kids but sometimes, you can drive your childless friends right up the wall.

1. Baby Pictures overload on Facebook.


too many baby pics are uploaded

When pictures are uploaded to Facebook and all 30 of them are ‘Baby’s first steps’ or ‘Baby’s first trip to the mall.’

2. Bringing the baby everywhere go.


bringing the baby everywhere
tv recappers anonymous

Even when it’s an adults party only, or like taking a baby to a club or bar.

3. Asking friends without children to burp the baby

burping a baby
What to expect

Burping a baby is an art. Dealing with spit ups and the smell that only parents can endure.

4. Asking them to smell a diaper and see if it needs changing and if it does need to be changed,  to change it.


asking to change a diaper
What to expect

Childless friends would probably have an easier time defusing a live bomb than changing a dirty diaper for the first time.

5. Their baby gets sick and plans to go out are canceled at the last minute.


cancelling at the last minute
Words of wander

Yes, they do understand the child is sick but all of a sudden????

6. When a childless friend is in a group of friends who all have kids.


being left out of the conversation

All the conversation revolves around their children, and nothing else is talked about.

7. When new parents get all high and mighty


i know everything

Just because they are now parents, it does not mean they now know everything.

8. ‘Oh look the baby wants to talk to you’ – parents putting their infants on the phone and forgetting all about their friend on the phone.


putting baby on the phone

Putting the baby on the phone and forgetting that there might be a reason why the call was initially made. OMG!

9. ‘Hold on for a second’ every minute


being put on hold
lip stick alley

Out of a ten minutes conversation, the person was on hold for eight minutes. If you can’t talk at that moment, just say so!

10. Not focusing on the conversation you are having with a friend.


not paying attention
Keep calm and senior spring on


When a parent is talking and at the same time trying to stop their child from doing something dangerous. The conversation is like “So what field do you want to …put the knife down…like I said some areas…I’m going to start counting…” you get the idea.

11. Always hearing parents say ‘the kids are driving me crazy’  and I can’t go out because of them, can be really annoying.


kids driving parents crazy

Starts to make a person wonder, should they or shouldn’t they have a child of their own?


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