11. Where do Broken Hearts Go?

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It is really hard to let go of someone who has your affection. Even if you are in denial of that feeling, you will still realize how bad you want that person to come back.

Moving on is hard especially when you like that someone very much. They say that moving on is only for the couples who broke up but I say that moving on is also applicable for the people who wants to stop holding on to their crushes.

When you start to think of stopping your affection towards that person, it seems like your feelings are getting stronger and seems like it gets difficult to do. You heart feels like, it has been squeezed hard to the extent that you feel like you can't breathe.

Of course at first, it is challenging to free yourself from that person. That person will always pops out in your head in any time, at any place. But your will will help you move through that episode.

Remember that time heals and patience is a virtue. If you are patient about it, time will heal it for you.

So where do broken hearts go?

Your heart will go back to you until such time that you are ready to give your heart away again.



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