12th Redemption

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I can't help it but redeem last night.

The reason behind it is because I had two redemption which are pending plus one donation so then I thought it would be nice to receive them all at once maybe the next day but then I thought maybe it will be better if I will redeem again and make it three redemption pending this time. And so I just found myself on that cash out page for 0.025 Bitcoin worth.

And that was it, I had redeemed another amount tonight this will be considered as my 12th redemption but this is just 0.025 worth of bitcoin which is not the usual amount which I usually redeem but it is still fine.

One more reason for that though is that I want to gain more buzz points and I couldn't find any other means because it is just hard to find active connections to connect with, I couldn't find those new members here whom I can maybe subscribe and hopefully they can subscribe to me too but then I have a challenge looking for those guys. So I will just work on the things that I can do at this point.

I now have four pending things in my shop and I hope to be receiving it today or tomorrow.

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