13th Redemption Received!

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I thought I won't be able to redeem this week because of the gems I had purchased lately which had consumed my account's earnings. You know you have to also invest in something and in bitLanders, it's the gems which we considered as investments here as we have to purchase it first and exchange it to some items in the shop or maybe used it for any blog review submission.

I had even made a blog about it that this week is just an investment week since I had purchased cricket uniforms and those things available there with buzzes too good for two weeks. I see it as a great investment so we can increase our scores aside from the blog review. My blog reviews on the other hand are really taking longer recently. I have two articles still pending for review and I am still wondering as to when Miss Hillary will review it.

But then, I am really grateful that I was able to redeem last Sunday and I was able to receive it yesterday! That was my 13th redemption with bitLanders.

Aside from that, I am also waiting for my 14th and 15th redemption. I will be receiving it maybe tomorrow.

Thank you bitLanders for this opportunity!

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