15 Benefits of Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are an excellent fruit that helps the body, skin, and your health as well. Although there are several varieties of tomatoes such as tomato-sized fruit, tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes, all of which have the composition of the same nutrients and vitamins. The following article wrote some of the benefits of tomatoes for you.

Health benefits of tomatoes for
1. Tomatoes contain the antioxidant. Lycopene in tomatoes is very effective in fighting prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and stomach cancer.

2. Tomatoes are also rich in good cholesterol. They protect the heart. Regular consumption of tomatoes helps reduce levels of triglycerides in the blood that helps in forming good cholesterol. They also help in preventing blood clots that cause stroke or heart attack.

3. Tomatoes also can treat indigestion, diarrhea, and bile attacks. They reduce the danger of liver disease.

4. Tomatoes are also rich in vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin A is good for eye health. Tomatoes also help in curing myopic night because it is a rich source of vitamin A.

5. Vitamin C and other minerals are also found in abundance in tomatoes.

6. Potassium helps to maintain the health of nerves and iron levels.

7. Tomato also helps in reducing the effects of cigarette smoke. Although non-smokers, smokers living in the environment can directly affect your lungs. Tomatoes can help to reduce this effect. Tomatoes contain coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid against nitrosamines which arise in the body due to cigarette smoke.

8. Tomatoes also reduce the formation of gallstones, lower hypertension, and prevent urinary tract infections.

9. Tomatoes also proved to be a good antiseptic. Because it protects against infection
Benefits of tomatoes for beauty

1. Tomatoes, when applied to the skin on a regular basis can work magic because it makes the skin smooth and clean.

2. Tomatoes are mashed with 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice added to it to act in reducing large pores. Large pores invite more dirt and dust.

3. Tomatoes have acids that helps in cleaning the skin. This helps in reducing acne.

4. Tomato, along with cucumber juice, can be helpful for people who have oily skin because it reduces excess oil on the face.

5. Tomatoes when applied to the face on a regular basis can give the skin a healthy glow.

6. Tomatoes are drugs to get rid of the rough and itchy skin caused by sunburn.

Add the tomato in a fruit salad may not be a wise choice, but it could be presented in the form of juice with breakfast daily and also apply it to your body on a regular basis is an excellent suggestion.

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