15 Secret Places of Spain

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1. The beach of the Crystals – Asturias


This is one splendid beach situated at Antromero which is south of Luanco, Asturias. It would be about 70m long and 30m wide. It’s called the Playa de los Cristales since it was once an old landfill filled with glass bottles which eventually formed broken glass particles that were rounded and polished in time. On a sunny day, the sand would reflect a spectrum of colors such as green, brown, blue and white and is a very charming attraction.


2. The Costa da Morte – Galicia


Located at the northwest side of the Iberian Peninsula, Galicia is a place built on a mix of the best colors, cuisine, and art. The Costa de la Muerte is regarded as an exquisite coast positioned from Cape San Adrián to Faro de Finisterre. This place is enveloped with many myths and legends.

3. Las Cuevas – Andalusia


Very similar to the rest of Spain, this wondrous city dates its origins back in 1492 after the Granada capture by Catholic Kings. This land area is truly wealthy as you witness outstanding works of men in caves and houses.


4. Timanfaya Volcano – Canary Islands

A place compared to the moon’s surface and not only famous as it has been featured on films but also for the Timanfaya National Park which covers an area of 51km and has more than 25 volcanoes.





5. Sa Calobra – Mallorca


This secret to discover is located behind a pedestrian tunnel which runs along the cliffs leading to this mouth of a beautiful beach of gravel and sand. It is a breathtaking beach that can be reached by boats from Palma city, where the road meets a famous twist known as Tie Knot. Away from tourism, this place makes a perfect getaway corner for escape.



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