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   I'm actually not a type of person who's fun of social media not even the Famous FB (facebook) unlike others thou I have an account but I rarely post anything about my day to day adventure in life. I only open my social media account if I have to chat with my friends or need to check important posts from my workmates regarding our work schedule. 

    But when I joined Bitlanders which was introduced by the top member on our leaderboard (Riza-gomez) and my number one supporter (cassandra_sam) I started loving the fashion of making Blogs, not just spam blogs but something that is relevant.

   And this is my 1st Reviewed Blog submitted. At first I was hesitant that my gems will be worthless but my Baby push me to write a simple blog and that's when I come up with this. I know this is not as good as other blogs that was given 5 Stars, as you can see I only got 1 Star but I'm still happy that it's worth a try and this blog will help me to create better one that I can submit for review. 

   May you also take the risk of submitting one.. Good Luck and Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions BITLANDERS..



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A person who has faith in God and believes that everything happens for a reason. Love to travel and full of big dreams in life..

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