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Hello everyone!

I have written blogs about many various things. Books, movies, TV series...

This one is going to be a bit different than all blogs before it. 

In this blog post I want to write about happiness. What happiness really is? Are we happy? What is making us happy? Who is making us happy? Why are we sad? What we should do for ourself? How to make ourselves happy?

Of course, this is my opinion about happiness.

This is happiness for me.

This is how I am making myself happy.

Please share your opinion about happiness with us. Write what you think about in in the comments below. I would love to know your opinion about this topic. 
Happiness is relative. 


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Are you happy?

First, at the beginning of this text, I need to ask you this. If your answer is 'Yes', that is great. Just keep doing things that you are already doing. Do not change anything. Keep moving forward. Enjoy your happiness as much as your can. 

If your answer to this simple question is 'No' you need to change many things in your life. Give your best to change things that are making you sad. Get rid of people who are trying to destroy your happiness. Do things you love with people that you love.

What happiness really is?


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Everyone can give an answer to this question, and all those answers would be different. 

For example, for me happiness are my family and friends. I love to spend time with them, and I am happy when I see that they are happy. 

For some other person happiness is to have a nice car, big house, good career, a lot of money, to travel, to eat, to watch movies, to walk by the river...

All those things are happiness, all of them an make you feel better and you should enjoy in all of them. Some of them are more and some other are less important to you. 

Give your best to have things tat are making you happy. 

And, what is much more important, never do anything what is not making you happy.

For example, if you do not want to get married, just do not get married. No matter if everyone around you think that you should get married. People around you can not live your life. They maybe want the best for you, but they can not know how do you feel inside. 

Sadness can never be happiness


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What goes around comes back around.

It is very important to know that if you make someone sad, that is not going to make you happy. You should never 'build' your happiness on someone else's sadness. And never let anyone to 'build' his happiness on your sadness. 

You get what you give, because of that give your best to give only happiness to other people, and other people will give happiness to you.

Simple as that. 

Do something good for yourself every single day

Small things are making our life being big.

So, do something good for yourself every day. Dress on your favorite shirt, buy your favorite chocolate bar, got o the park, walk bu the river...

No matter how small something is, if it is going to make you happy get that thing. You can not wait for big things to happen, because maybe they are never going to happen. 

Be positive, and you will attract positive things to your life. 

Never give up

Never give up on things that you would love to have. If you can dream it, then you can have it. Just never stop dreaming of it and working on it. You owe to yourself to be happy. 

Never give up on your happiness. 

Most beautiful quotations about happiness

There is only one happiness is nit life, to love and to be loved.

Love is happiness for many people. I personally think that person who is not loved can never be happy. Love is not enough for happiness, but it is very important. If you have love, you do not have everything, but if you lose the love, you will lose everything. 

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

If you are waiting for something big to happen, you will wait forever, and big things are not going to happen. You will be sad forever. Because of that, live your life now. Live for this moment, Enjoy this moment. Make yourself happen this moment.

The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage. 

We need to be free if we want to be happy. We will never be free if we do not dare do to good things that we want to do. Instead of being afraid of failure, get up and try. 

Do not cry because something is over, be happy because it happened.

Things come to our lives, they least, and then they end. It s normal. Nothing leasts forever, and we need to accept that. We can not have everything at the same time. Some things need to end, so some other things can start. 

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony.

This one is connected with quotation about freedom. We need to be free to do what we think we should do, and we should tell what we think. You an not be happy if you are not brave enough to tell what you think and to do what you would love to do. 

The best way to pay for an amazing moment is to enjoy it

Enjoy every moment like it it the last one. maybe you will never get same chance again, so use it. You will regret more for just one 'What if' in your life, than for all the 'Ooops'. Do not think about bad tings that can happen, enjoy good things that are happening now. They will not least forever, they will pass very soon. Do not let them to pass by you. Be brave enough to pass trough them. 

Trough a long and painful process, I have learned that happiness is an inside job-not based on on anything or anyone in outer material world. I have become a different and better person-not perfect, but still a work in progress.

Your happiness is inside of you. Find it. Let it go out. You will never be perfect, but you can always be better and better. If you give your best to be good, you are going to be happy. Good things are attracting other good things. 

Do not wait for your happiness to find you. It is already here, inside of you. Just 'feed' it. 


That was all for this post. I hope that it was interesting to you, and that it helped you.

Please tell me what you think about my post, if you like this one, I can write more similar blog posts, for example next one could be about freedom or maybe about sadness. I personally love to write about those topics, let me know if you like them too. 

Thank you very much for reading this post, see you in next one. 

Love you all!

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