2015 Cricket World Cup Bonus

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The majority members of bitLanders come from the countries who are participants of the Cricket World Cup this 2015. It is due to this reason why bitLanders have decided to cover this sports events. As a result, they are giving out at lot of bonuses that started from the Shop.

For those who still does not know, you should visit the Shop under the Avatar Section and take advantage of the Cricket Costumes. Although, you still need to have some gems (at least 5 gems) to buy one of the item. Each of these items give you "+1 Buzz" bonus that will last for "14 days".

Moreover, if you belong to the participating country of this sport event, you can follow the latest updates of the game-results here at bitLanders. Doing this simple task will also reward you "+10 Satoshi". To accomplish this task, check your "Quest Box" and simply click "Cricket World Cup 2015!".

The Cigar-Man will appear then click on the button that says, "Ok, I'll Check it out!".

And there you go, you got your +10 Satoshi bonus.

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