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After the success of 1st Southern Punjab expo it was decided to continue to serve the students by guiding them to choose the right profession for them. 2nd Southern Punjab expo took place on 25th of July, 2015. It was organized by maps and was held at desert palm hotel in Rahim Yar Khan.

The main purpose of the expo was to assist the students to select from a number of possibilities available for them. Since in this present era there is a massive number of professions available out there and every profession is unique and important in its own way. But not every profession is a good choice for every student. One can prove itself good and capable of doing so only in one field. Sometimes students remain unaware of most of the educational institutes that are feasible for them and they get stuck with the few institutes they know and they don’t have wide range of options in front of them.

Southern Punjab expo has taken an initiative to eradicate this unawareness and to give the students exposure of the colleges and universities available for them so they can choose the profession of their choice. At times students get confuse and they can’t think upon every single institute and field. In such vague situation southern Punjab expo is trying to play a role for students to counsel them and to give them the information that can help them to pull through this situation.

Southern Punjab expo provide students with the information of fields, courses and programs that are offered by different colleges and universities. In this present time every profession has scope but whether someone can continue in that is a big question and students remain confuse. Southern Punjab expo does not only gives information of courses and programs but also helps the students to find their path for the right profession in which they can actually establish their base and flourish in it.

A small step has been taken to help and guide the students to the right path. Because if they will remain unguided future of Pakistan will not be bright and good. So helping these students actually leads to brighter and prosperous Pakistan because only they will take the legacy ahead and will bring it up on to the top of the world. Our future depends on them only and investing our time and effort on them means investing for better nation and future, and one should take a step further to do whatever it takes to mentor them at any point of time so they can succeed even in the hardest situations.

Hopefully this good deed will become a responsibility of everyone and many expos will be held to help the students nationwide.

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