3 Feel-Good Moves to Blast Cellulite

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3 Feel-Good Moves to Blast Cellulite



Dimples on your cheeks are cute. But dimples on your butt cheeks—not so much. Sadly, cellulite spares few women. By some estimates, 98 percent of us develop these stubborn lumps and bumps in unfortunate places like our tummies and thighs. Recent research suggests the cause is a structural breakdown triggered by reduced circulation.

In areas of your body where bloodflow is lacking—for example, your butt, if you sit for a large part of the day—there’s also a shortage of oxygen, which can trigger inflammation and fibrosis, or internal scarring. "When your skin starts puckering, the surrounding muscles may shrink from inactivity and you can start to see that saggy, cellulite-y skin," says personal trainer Lauren Roxburgh, an expert in self-myofascial release.



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