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When florals first started popping up on the fashion scene, I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant to try the trend (images of my grandma’s basement couch flashed before my eyes). But somehow I couldn’t resist the pretty prints and various floral patterns made their way into my closet. I’ve played around with different ways to wear them (without looking like upholstery) and here are some practical tips for making your florals work for you.

1) Layer florals over a monochrome ensemble: If you want to wear a floral print as a layer, it helps to wear a single hue underneath so that the pattern doesn’t get lost amidst an array of textures and colors. Whether you choose a floral kimono, scarf or any other layering garment, pick a solid color that complements the pattern as the base for your ensemble.

2) Make a statement with a bold floral print: Floral prints can appear really busy, so if your pattern has multiple colors in the print (which is usually the case), you can’t go wrong if you stick with just one pattern. This works well with a floral print dress, romper or jumpsuit. If you go for louder prints, these types of items make for very fun statement outfits that focus on one pattern. Competing patterns can make you dizzy if there is too much going on!

3) Pull a color from the print: If you opt for a floral separate, you can pull a complimentary color as your second piece. For instance, I pulled the baby blue out of the floral print top above and wore pants in the same hue!

Again, these are just general guidelines I use that you can follow if you aren’t feeling confident with how to wear florals. Now you have no excuse! Go for it! What are your favorite ways to wear florals? Or all you still holding out? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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