4 Areas Changed By Artificial Intelligence

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4 Areas That Were Changed By Artificial Intelligence - Photo credit: blog.dataprius, edited by Amber255 via bitLanders

When artificial intelligence is mentioned, in deep subconsciousness, we all know what is being said. But what is it really like? It is really difficult to define artificial intelligence. Simply put, artificial intelligence refers to the functions of a computer that need human-like abilities, such as deduction and learning.

The development of artificial intelligence leads to changes in organizations and helps customers deliver better quality services. In the financial sector, customers are already served faster, and artificial intelligence helps to make investment decisions. 

 At present, artificial intelligence is mostly used to automate activities and tasks, as well as to process large amounts of information - data. So artificial intelligence does on what people simply waste time or what a human brain and hands would not be able to do.

We already live in a new era - the artificial intelligence's era based on deep learning. This new model, where neural networks are trained to recognize patterns from a large amount of input data, has proven its undisputed efficiency in solving the most complex problems in computer science. In the era of artificial intelligence, the software writes itself, and machines learn on their own. Billions of devices will be endowed with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will drastically change all industries.

Despite its widespread lack of familiarity, AI is a technology that is transforming every walk of life. It is a wide-ranging tool that enables people to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decisionmaking.

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 As computing develops, new companies appear, new products are created. Our life is changing. Every revolution in computing was due to the emergence of an innovative computational model, a new architecture that expanded the possibilities and accessibility of computing.

These technologies are already used in medicine, education, construction, business, science, industry, and so on. In addition, smart solutions are increasingly needed by IT professionals, as modern network infrastructures are becoming complex. At the same time, due to a number of myths, many experts are still not ready to invest in artificial intelligence, despite its fairly widespread dissemination.

Today, I invite you to chat about four spheres of our life that are already much changed because of artificial intelligence's usage. There four spheres I want to chat are.


Areas changed by artificial Intelligence - Photo credit: twitter 

1. Finances and artificial intelligence

The financial sector is one of the areas where the potential for artificial intelligence is greatest. Indeed, new opportunities for artificial intelligence in this area are being sought intensively. 

Artificial intelligence has long been no longer storming the financial services industry but is being used as one of its main tools. Financial technology sector's companies use AI to save time, to reduce employee costs, and to improve the quality of their services. AI can be used as a key tool in the development of financial strategies: a person simply cannot compete with a robot that can process huge amounts of data and constantly improve its forecasts.

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2. Robotics and smart applications

Artificial intelligence and robotics are rapidly turning from promising concepts into reality. New technologies offer many benefits to a range of industries, not just the manufacturing sector, where they are already in use. Companies that are thinking for the future are entering a new scientific and technological revolution and are adopting artificial intelligence and robotics.

Robots are completely autonomous devices capable of making decisions on their own and do certain tasks without human help, in unpredictable situations.

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How artificial intelligence will change your world in 2019 - Video credit: youtube

3. Medicine and artificial intelligence

In this area, AI memory is appreciated, as well as the ability to generate and compare huge amounts of information. For several years already are used smart assistants, who not only give advice to doctors but also find out the genetic susceptibility to pathologies. Particular importance is given to systems that are able to develop new drugs.

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4. Industry and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and robots can be applied in various industries. These are robots that can handle lathes, robots that can do painting, packing, robots adapted to ease people's work under difficult conditions, robots for constructions, metal bending.

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Despite the obvious advantages of AI, there are a number of problems that companies may face when using it in production. One of them is that the process of introducing AI itself is very complicated. To launch a solution into operation, it is not enough to teach artificial intelligence to work with a small amount of information. This is a complex, multi-level process that, as well as training, includes constantly updating data, correcting errors and using large amounts of information. Only in this way can the AI be taught to make decisions.

One of the main misconceptions is still the opinion that the introduction of machine learning or AI will immediately bring the company profits and cut costs. In fact, the enterprise’s income increases on average in six to nine months, so you have to be patient.

It is also wrong to believe that AI can completely replace a person. This is either dangerous and physically hard work (mining, construction, manufacturing) or repetitive tasks related to the search and primary processing of information.

4 Areas That Were Changed By The Artificial Intelligence - Poto credit: Amber255  via querlo

Now, artificial intelligence is a technological trend's key extending to many new areas and finds its usage in a range of tasks.

Scientists promise that by 2020, the AI market will grow due to the use of machine learning technologies and natural language recognition in such spheres as an industry, robotics, finance, and healthcare.

It is already impossible to imagine the future without AI; therefore, to stay competitive, companies must actively carry out these technologies in their work.



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