4 Donations Came

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Last March 30, I was able to do redeem - that was my 21st cash out from the site. Along with that, I made also 2 donations. Last night, I was able to visit the shop and is thinking of buying another set of gems before the day will ends. I just don't want to waste my earnings from the deductions that usually happen during the end of the month just like what we had experienced last month.

And right after I had received my treasure box, I've decided to make another 2 donations as my money is still not enough to make another cash out or buy some gems.

Minutes after that, I received the notice that the donations are successful. 

Indeed, those 4 donations came and gave me an additional 4 buzz points in return. So far, I had made 9 donations all in all and is still planning to do so as long as I'm earning in here as I wanted to donate to all charities that we can see in the shop.



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