"48 Reasons Why I'm Grateful With My Boyfriend"

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Since this is our fourth year or forty-eighth month of being together, I wanted to tell you and the people around why I'm the most thankful girlfriend in the world.


1. I secretly track your activities in FB (which is no longer a secret now) and I never caught you searching a girl's name...

2. Except for my own name.

3. You have dreams for yourself, for your family and for us.

4. You're a photographer, drummer, multimedia artist, mountaineer and traveler because you know exactly what makes you happy and what you want to do in your life.

5. You have your own style, fashion and identity and don't simply go with the trends.

6. You appreciate me when I wear girly stuff like make-up, dresses, fancy shoes and blouse...

7. But find me beautiful still even if I'm in old jeans, dirty sneakers and baggy t-shirts.

8. Whenever I point out some hot girls on the street, you stare at me instead of staring at them (with matching nodding of head).

9. You hold my hand tighter when we pass by some drunk goons, a group of gangsters or a dark street.

10. You let me make my own choices, support me with my decision, scold me when I mess up, comfort me afterwards and stand by me as I get up.

11. Simply saying your name makes me smile right away.

12. You're able to make me laugh even when I become as angry as an animal.

13. You spoil me but don't tolerate my tantrums if I being too much.

14. You like Spider man too.

15. You tell me you love me on the phone even if your buddies can hear you.

16. You feel shy and awkward when someone is trying to treat you.

17. You care for my family.

18. You're a lazy texter but you send me long messages of love.

19. You get angry at me because you care.

20. You feel hurt, jealous, scared and hopeless because I matter to you.

21. You know what to order for me in Jollibee and Mc Donalds...

22. Because you know what I like and hate at the same time.

23. I can borrow your clothes anytime I want...

24. especially your favorite ones.

25. You gave me the last bite of every food we ate together.

26. Even if you like the flavor of the drink, ice cream or chips you're eating, you'll exchange with me if I ask you to.

27. Your signature "shoulder dance" makes me laugh so hard.

28. You have a sexy back, chest and hips.

29. You look funny when you make face.

30. My friends thinks you're nice. (Atleast, that's what they know.)

31. You don't like my frizzy hair...

32. And I find that gay side of yours really cute.

33. When you want something, you work hard for it. 

34. You have your own plans for our dream wedding.

35. Your scared of flying cockroach, big spiders, ghosts and even menstruation.

36. You know how to make a cabinet, rat's trap, and fly a kite.

37. Your nose becomes bigger when you lie and you can't hide that from me.

38. You carry my bag even if it lessens your manliness.

39. When I become the most annoying person on earth, you still know how to keep your cool.

40. You wait for me to call first before you sleep.

41. You pretend that you like listening to the songs in my phone even if you're obviously not enjoying it.

42. You believe me if I tell you that what you're wearing doesn't suit you well.

43. You know I can't do the laundry and cook decently but you don't care.

44. You say sorry even if you hate saying it especially when it's not your fault.

45. You love to watch movies with me even if I keep asking you questions while watching.

46. You're proud of me even if I'm not combing my hair.

47. You never compare me to anyone you know.

48. You settle for something that's long-term.


Well, these are just few of the million things why I'm happier with you in my life. It would take me a lifetime to list down all my reasons. Anyway, I just want to let you know that I appreciate every thing you do to me even the simplest ones. I love you baby! 

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