49ers 13-6 victory over the same district rival Seahawks

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NFL2012 game of the first seven weeks of the season before a game, this game is a home game in the same district rival San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks. The two teams before the game ranked first name of the National League West with 4 wins and 2 losses, this game will decide who will become the partition first. The gore, the scene of the Union anti-run ability Seahawks defensive group, forfeit to hand over the report card 16 times rushed the ball 131 yards, Size 8.2, while the ball five times and gained 51 yards. In fact, Gore halftime six times rushed the ball 39 yards, the second half Gore got more help, rushed the ball 10 times to complete 92 yards, including a 37 yard long-range attacks. Seahawks defensive group before the ground lost to averaging 70.0 yards ranked second in the league, 49 ran Weiqun Gore led the field, the ground total advancing 175 yards. In this NL Division's top defensive group dialogue, Gore ripped Seahawks defensive by Gore led the 49ers ground attack, averaging 176.8 yards sit tight alliance.
This field will not pass Seahawks offensive group to attack the centre of gravity to the Lynch Lynch, the field is the same performance, 19 red balls, contributions to 103 yards, 1 times the ball forward 13 yards. 49 team Anti ran ability class, a defensive group of 49 people in the past 22 home games has never let any running back has won more than 100 yards, we can see that Lynch rushed the ball strongly. 49ers Gore tailor ran outside of the tactical, Lynch rushed the ball more strong punch Zhong Hou Linqi of the game with 537 yards rushing in the middle escapement hold the red ball get Union running back. Away to the Seahawks lost the game, but in the first 16 weeks of the regular season, the Seahawks will again be at home against the 49ers. San Francisco 49ers home game of the game with a 13-6 victory over district rival Seattle Seahawks. Currently two teams averaging drop points in 16 minutes or less, in this defensive battle, the game MVP was undoubtedly the two teams running back, they are the 49ers run guard Frank Gore and Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.
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