5 Movies About Aviation You Must Watch

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5 Movies About Aviation You Must Watch - Photo Credit: imdb.com, Edition by Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

Airplanes, skies, pilots, and flight attendants. We can see all this aviation kitchen from the near, on the big screens. If you're interested in aviation or want to spend the evening watching a good film, this list of aviation films is just for you.

Humans created many inventions, and the plane's creation is one of the most important. We can say that they brought the world closer. After all, it was difficult to imagine that it would be possible to reach another continent within a few hours. Not surprisingly, airplanes occupy an important place in the cinematography, so I have selected the top movies about aviation.

Films show not only the artistic side of cinematography but also shows the historically correct stages of aviation industry's development. On board, extreme situations often occur, requiring the highest skills of pilots and flight attendants' dedication.

Modern aviation films about the well-coordinated work of the crew in the beyond conditions are kept in tension not less than the military sagas, as well as their difficult lives and trials of fate. The pilot's work in the mind of an ordinary person is the sky, flights, and romance. However, in reality, it is dangerous and hard work.

There are many great movies about aviation. I selected just a few - in short blog I cannot list all the great works I would like to present you. Anyway, if you like such kind of movies, choose any and have a great time watching!

It’s safe to say that the subject of flying is popular among filmmakers, whether we’re talking sci-fi, epic war dramas or hilarious comedies - the list of movies in which flying is central to the plotline is long.

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FLIGHT 93, 2006

The FLIGHT 93 film recreates the shocking events of the 11 September terrorist attack. Two planes hit the World Trade Center that day; the second one hit the Pentagon. This story is about what happened in the fourth plane seized by the theorists.

I remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001. My family stuck to the TV screens with the horror in the eyes. I remember how my mom cried looking at people jumping through the windows of those buildings. Watching the film, I fully realized the full depth of feelings, all the fear that these people experienced flying on the fourth airplane seized by religious fanatics.


FLIGHT 93 - Photo credit: bvalentine.blogspot.com

The director Peter Markle created the film on the basis of the testimony of the relatives of the dead passengers and air traffic controllers who watched the flight and in a chronological sequence covers the events that occurred on board. Who can feel indifferent to the tragedy of ordinary people who have fallen victims of this tragedy? The film is just great, and its plot touches the soul.

FLIGHT 93 surprisingly accurately conveyed the experiences of the passengers, the realization that they would die. The moment when the passengers of the plane began to call their relatives and say goodbye to them touched to tears. A brilliant directorial and operatic work, showing the detailed mood and emotions of passengers.

Probably many of us never even think that our life will have to end at some point. But the people who were sitting on that plane were not going to die at all. Just got on this plane to get somewhere each on his own business.

This film is not interesting in the story itself, which is known to many. It brings to the front plane the feelings of people, their thoughts about relatives, about not a simple decision that they have to take. In different situations, people behave differently, but the passengers of Flight 93 did not give up and just went to their death, but decided to fight for the lives of other compatriots who were completely unfamiliar to them.

In general, the film deserves the audience's attention, although it is rather hard to watch. I recommend watching the film. No matter where it happened, but I think that everyone is equal in the fight against terrorism.

FLIGHT 93, Trailer - Video Credit: RandomMovieTitle via Youtube.com

UNITED 93, 2006

UNITED 93 is one more film about the September 11 tragedy. As you remember, the fourth plane on September 11, 2001, did not reach its goal. There is a reason to assume that he fell as a result of the heroic actions of passengers who learned about the purpose of the seizure and tried to beat back the plane from terrorists. 

Director Paul Greengrass, known to us in the film The Bourne Supremacy is more prone to the heroic version of the fall. The characters of the Greengrass film are ordinary people who have fallen into strange circumstances and are gradually accept the idea of their own death. The fact that they all die, we know quite well.

The entire film was riveting from beginning to end and left you feeling breathless and stunned. We all know the story, but living it with those that were on the front-line was shocking and moving.

Credit: metacritic.com

For me personally, the film's tension is simply colossal, even in the scenes of air traffic controllers at the other end of the country. Acquaintance with this film was accidental, and after watching it, I watched one more time. And both times the movie touched. After you find yourself high in the sky, you do not know what will happen to you, which means you do not know what to do for saving yourself.

As events unfold, tension is felt. The actors show all misunderstanding, confusion, and helplessness. Their characters do not know what is happening and what to do, because no one has come across this before. And in fact, all of them are observers of what is happening, unable to do anything. And at some point, the viewer himself may feel like a participant in these events, an equally helpless observer.


UNITED 93 - Photo credit: imdb.com

UNITED 93 tells not so much about what happened in the northeastern American skies on September 11, 2001, but about any case when failures of global cooperation and understanding kill complete strangers, about any case when a giant state machine becomes paralyzed from not understanding what is happening, about the terrible realization that the earth is slipping from under their feet, that the world in which we woke up this morning is no more here.

The last scene fascinates. At some point, you even feel your own anger and helplessness because almost everything turned out well. Frankly, I wanted another finale, but we all know how it all ended.

In visual terms, in this picture there are no standard Hollywood special effects; more attention is given to people involved in this tragedy.

In my opinion, this film is very touching. It touched me to the depths of the soul, makes to wonder what it was like for people who were on this flight. After all, this is not just a film; this is a drama that has unfolded on a real plane. And from this it becomes scary.


UNITED 93 - Photo credit: imdb.com


The biographical drama THE AVIATOR is directed by Martin Scorsese, with a leading role with Leonardo DiCaprio and many other famous Hollywood actors. The storyline based on the life story of Howard Hughes. One of the famous  20th century's persons, Howard Hughes was like an American dream - both an influential innovator and industrialist, film producer and a passionate aviator. His brave passion and commitment to work made a real breakthrough in both the aviation and film industries. This movie shows us a life of this famous aviator.

History shows both sides of this extraordinary personality - both the drive for innovation, the goal of breaking the speed record and incredible achievements, and the destructive suffering of many phobias and depression.

THE AVIATOR is the second film by the famous Hollywood duo, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio, who embodies the main character, specifically learned to pilot an airplane and perform Hughes' favorite maneuvers. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the new Hughes, who resolutely decides to invest in the production of Hell's Angelsa movie about World War I. Bringing a bold challenge to the Hollywood system, he appears to be an independent producer and seeks to create a brand new, no-fiction film with a huge budget and a vast amount of aviation


The movie THE AVIATOR - Photo credit: sptimo7sello.blogspot.com

The film makes Howard rich and famous. After he sets up his own aviation company and boldly improves several speed records, he becomes the most famous American aviator. He is dreaming of creating the world's largest airplane. However, a man who has wealth, crazy talents, romantic adventures and bold dreams of the future, has not avoided his destiny. His life is going to end in a very complicated way.

The film is wonderful, intelligent, interesting! It is about the man with a great dream extending beyond the limits of his life! It is about the ability to keep the focus on your dream and make the desired! It is about the strong personality, which is surrounded by worthy people, loyal friends, and beautiful, worthy women! This story teaches the important things to those who set great goals!

In general, I admire this film. Of course, there are those who did not like it, and this is normal. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. But for me personally, the film is a masterpiece. While writing a review, I wanted to watch it again; it's like an obsession. 

THE AVIATOR, Trailer - Video credit: oldhollywoodtrailers via Youtube.com

SULLY, 2016

The movie SULLY is the real story that happened in 2009: barely getting up, Captain Chesley Sullenberger's (Sully)plane collided with a large group of birds. After the two engines broke, the captain had to fly the plane to the Hudson River, but he saved all 155 passengers. Although the event itself lasted for 208 seconds, the band includes a later research process that perfectly explains the uniqueness of this story.

The film directed by Clint Eastwood, who at the age of 21 served in the Korean War, and himself survived a forced flight of the plane into the water.

The main and most important role in the movie SULLY played Tom Hanks. I haven't watched films with his participation for a long time, and when I saw his character,  I surprised. How has he changed! But this image of him - completely gray-haired, with a deadpan - in my opinion 100% reflects a person, bold and real, thanks to which people survived. The plot itself is rather tense, plus it changes the scenes - during the flight and the committee meeting.


The movie SULLY - Photo .com

The most critical moments - the very landing of the plane in the waters of the Hudson, and the behavior of passengers, panic, crying and tears. And cold water. In the films of this genre, such moments always strongly influence the viewer. And here you look and understand - it was, really was, it's not just a writer's fiction.

Of course, everyone perceives films in their own way; someone needs an action - fire, water, and explosions for 2 hours. Here it is not - but the picture only wins from this. There we see a more human side of Sally, who suffered for his actions but at the same time, saved people from death.

The film is rather psychological, vital, realistic. In my opinion, the film describes the internal mess of a person who committed a worthy act, but at the same time wondering if he made the most he could. Tom Hanks coped with the task of playing the decisive captain perfectly well.

The film isn’t about catastrophe; it’s about the beauty of what happens when everyone works together to solve a problem. 

Credit: screencrush.com

The main conflict in the film is Sully's doubts about whether he acted correctly, having only 35 seconds at his disposal to analyze the situation.

The movie SULLY is not such a miracle in practice. So it is where everyone is doing their job clearly, where professionals are in their place, and people's lives have the highest value. This is not a miracle - this is the kind of work. Painstaking work on the details of the crash, accurate reconstruction of the situation, skillful make-up and perfect work of the actors. But this is not a miracle. In the miracle, there is a bit of mystical or divine, and Eastwood's film is exclusively human and earthy in a good way, But this is not a miracle. In the miracle, there is a bit of mystical or divine, and Eastwood's film is exclusively humanly and earthy in a good way, how strange it may sound to the story of one three minutes' flight.


The movie SULLY - Photo credit: twitter.com

FLIGHT, 2012

Captain Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) a divorced man, is away from his wife and son. Recently, he meets with Katerina and spends the night with her in Orlando drinking and consuming cocaine. However, the next morning he gets on a plane and goes on a flight.

Unfortunately, the plane survived damage, and William had to land down it. Landing is only partially successful, but almost all passengers are surviving. However, the life-imprisonment threats him because his blood has alcohol and drugs.

With the movie Flight, director Robert Zemeckis turned back to classic cinema with live actors after experimenting with computer animation and motion capture technology.

The film has very long timekeeping and two diverse parts. The first half appears as a classic film - a disaster, in which we see the plane crash and its miraculous rescue by an experienced crew commander, but later it turns out that during these events the pilot was in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication.


The movie FLIGHT - Photo credit: youtube.com

And at this moment the second part begins to develop, which is a difficult life drama with social overtones. The authorities' initiated investigation into an aviation incident forces the protagonist to review his life and values.

From a visual point of view, the picture is perfect. The crash's moment is very spectacular and exciting. The voltage is at the highest level and does not let go until the end. Moreover, the basis of the plane crash shown in the film is a real case, but much more tragic. Although of course, a lot seems fantastic and unreal. But after the disaster begins a deep dramatic immersion in the world of a man who, on the one hand, saved many lives from inevitable death, but on the other hand, he violated all norms of morality, professional ethics, and rules of pilots behavior.

Movie FLIGHT is a very original fusion of an exciting movie - disaster and harsh psychological drama. The picture covers a range of issues and problems, an inner world of a person, his life values and fears. The tape presents a dilemma for the viewer and offers to answer the main question on its own. Who is the main character? Hero or criminal?

The film raises a large number of complex issues and problems. On the example of the life of one person, the director is trying to uncover important issues. Here is the place and the struggle of man with addictions, namely, alcohol and drug addiction, and family problems, and issues of conscience, and human carelessness, and constant lies, and many other topics.


The movie FLIGHT - Photo credit: wordpress.com

On The Final Note

Such movies, based on reality, always attract me, because when you look at them, there are special unique feelings. And the very subject related to the airplanes - it already sounds so tempting and dangerous.

Aviation - the calling of brave men, ready to take risks at any moment. Their life passes in the airplanes, and the sky becomes the native element, second home, without which existence is meaningless. Films about pilots talk about the strong spirit of pilots and brave aviation professionals.

Taking off high in the sky and safely returning to the earth is not just a profession, but a vocation. Not everyone can become a pilot and devote his entire life to aviation. But the one who still decided to become an aviator, who took responsibility for the plane and for the lives of passengers, will get a gift of life full of the romance of adventure, familiarity with the unknown, and the best view from the plane's window.


 Movies About Aviation You Must Watch - Photo credit: twitter.com

Thanks to featured films (films about planes, pilots), many boys became pilots, and girls became flight attendants. And of course, the images of the heroes, their outstanding deeds bring up good behavioral traits of the future personality in our teenagers. 

The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.-  Epictetus

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