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Artificial Intelligence in The Movies and TV and other media

Artificial Intelligence has been portrayed many times and in many forms in the movies, TV, novels and other media for decades. Believe it or not the I, Robot book series were written by the American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov way back in the 1940s 

From that era to date, hundreds or perhaps thousands of fictional artificial intelligent entities were created. On TV, movies, literature and even on the radio. 

If you want to see the list on Wikipedia, you can go there by clicking this link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_computers 

AI in the '70s and 80s

While I was growing up in the 80s, I have come to know some of the more popular AIs. 

First, there was the Vision and Brainiac from Marvel and DC Comics respectively.

Then, then the Knight Rider became a hit on TV that made the super crime-fighting talking car KITT popular.


Image Credit: Free Knight Rider Live Wallpaper

Then the cyborg assassin from the future known as the Terminator hit the big screen in 1984.

As the years go by, I have come to know other Artificial Intelligence entities. Some are worth remembering, some are just easily forgotten.


In this chatblog, I will share with you my Top Eight Favorite Fictional Artificial Intelligence from the different media- comic books, movies, and TV shows.



Here are some other AI characters that are worth mentioning.:

In case you are wondering I did not mention here the following:

Although the Transformers can be considered as Artificial Intelligent robots, being born of Alien Technology, I believe they are more like artificial lifeforms. They are beyond artificial intelligence...

I believe Robocop and Alita are also beyond AI. Their human brains are actually transferred to their cybernetic bodies. 

Before I close this post, here is another video about sci-fi AI's

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