5 The easiest way to stop addiction to caffeine

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Caffeine is beneficial for the body, especially in the morning. Because caffeine is able to give injections spirit. But too much caffeine can also cause addiction. And when you're addicted to caffeine, the effects of course bad for the body.

If you feel that you are addicted to caffeine, immediately apply the following way to stop it. Everything quoted from healthmeup.com.

Limit the amount of caffeine
A most important advice is to stop caffeine addiction by reducing the amount of caffeine you drink. Start with only consume 2 cups per day until then you do not eat them.

Search substitute other beverages
If you can not start the day without a cup of coffee that high caffeine in it, try to find a substitute for other beverages lower caffeine. Herbal tea or green tea can satisfy your desire for caffeine and can also nourish your body.

Drink plenty of water
Every bit of desire to consume coffee, immediately consume water instead. Not only can help reduce the consumption of caffeine, but also can increase the amount of water in your body.

Caffeine works to make your body more energy. Sports also provide the same benefits. Therefore, exercise more as a substitute stimulant caffeine. Bonus, your body became more slender.

Adequate rest
Caffeine is a stimulant of your energy generation. But sleep also work the same. So multiply your rest time to make your body more energy and eliminate your dependence on caffeine.

Although initially difficult to resist dependence on caffeine, but you should do it. Because too much caffeine in the body can also cause harm. Apply the above so that you can fight dependence on caffeine.

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