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Blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn online at present time.  No wonder why the number of individuals who are trying this career opportunity is continuously increasing every day.  Even businesses and companies are now into blogging upon discovery of its effectiveness in getting more leads hence, greater income for their businesses. Blogging has become a crucial part of the business endeavor.


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Customers, on the other hand would usually rely nowadays on the internet for information most specially on those that are related to the things they want to buy. On the average, an individual may want to know more about a product before they decide on purchasing them. People nowadays are doing several pieces of research when it comes to product quality. They don't rely on one review, thus if our content is poorly written, we won't have the chance to be noticed. 

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A lot of people are hoping to learn the most effective way of writing blogs for a variety of reasons. Topping the list is the opportunity to get higher income. Inspiring stories of bloggers who earned thousands of dollars can be truly awesome and encouraging. However, not all have the technical skills to be an effective blogger. 

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As I mentioned in my previous post, blogging is a different way of writing. We need to be adept with the different skills included but not limited to writing, management, artistic and networking in order to be successful in this field.

With millions of blogs written every day, how can our blog posts get noticed if these are written below par? We cannot expect our career to grow writing ordinary contents. 

Apparently, not all can have the different skills that we need in order to create an awesome content. We may be good at other skill while weak on the others. 

Good thing we have these online tools which can help us to bring out the best in us by helping where we might need one. Plagiarism checker software at EduBirdie is one of the useful online tools as well. I am using several blogging tools for my own blog but I chose to share those which can be used regardless of what blogging platform we have. These online tools can help us in crafting an awesome blog post for Bitlanders. 

(1) Grammarly


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One of the hurdles in blogging is making sure that we are writing a grammatically correct statement every time. Since English is not my native language, it requires more effort for me to express what is inside my mind by going on the process of thinking from my native language to translating it to the English language. There are times when I get confused about the verb tenses and articles that I use.    

With this app, we can minimize the errors when writing phrases and sentences. It will automatically check the content for error as you write your piece. It's easy and convenient to use. 

I have been using this tool since I started blogging last July 2017. Grammarly is a great help when it comes to checking spelling and other common errors in writing. 

Though I would suggest that we continuously enhanced our vocabulary by reading other author's contents. this way we would be able to widen our knowledge and at the same time, we will learn how these seasoned writers express themselves in certain given situations. 

You can use the tool for free or you can opt to have the upgraded version for a fee of $11.66 per month for an annual subscription. This will allow you to use a more advanced version of the app which will give you twice as many mistakes as the free users, on the average.

Here is a video that would help you understand more the use of Grammarly in order to achieve a great content:

Video Credits: dottotech via YouTube

(2) Canva


Image Credits: ExecutiveSecretary.com

When I discovered about Canva, I became an avid user of the app. I use it not only with creating blog graphics for my contents here in Bitlanders but also with facebook and other sites which requires some creativity.  We can use Canva for a variety of projects that we have. We can create blog graphics, social media covers, blog titles and even powerpoint presentations.  

We can create different designs for variety of purpose. Templates are readily available at their site. We can always use the site for free or we can opt to uprgrade for a minimal cost. 

I am only using the free version. I am planning to upgrade next year to avail of their advance features.


Video Credits: Marley Baird Media via YouTube

(3) Pixabay


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

Pixabay is the place where I would usually pick the photos that I am using for my contents. The site is offering images free for commercial use. Though they are open for some donations for their authors. But that is only optional. 

The site has millions of photos uploaded by the different members of their community. The only issue I encountered was when I tried to use the photo by placing links directly to the blogging platform. It was good thing that Bitlanders had given me another chance to resubmit the blog after I addressed the issue. 

(4) Quora


Image Credits: Quora.com

Quora is a platform where  an individual can ask question and  can gain relevant answers from other members of the community. The place can help us understand more of a certain situation. 

This place can be a source of idea to write about. This is also a place where we can clarify certain things in order to develop a great topic. 

(5) Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Have you experienced running out of ideas for your blog post? Worry no more, here is a platform which can certainly help you come up with the best blog ideas you can use even for a week!


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

Hubspot.com is an online platform that would help you generate blog ideas by filling out a certain from and they will automatically generate blog ideas for you. Running out of ideas to write about should not be an issue to a blogger. 


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

On the final thought

We should not lose hope when things seems too difficult for us to handle. Blogging may not be easy but with some help from fellow bloggers and online tools, we will surely be able to get our way to success.

Thank you for sharing your valuable time reading this piece. I hope the content of this blog post could help you in one way or another. Have a wonderful day!

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