6 days at Literacybase and $5 richer

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I joined Literacybase 6 days ago, and now I have about $5.40 in earnings.

There are a few more days to the end of the month, and I think I have enough time to reach the minimum cash ouf of $10.

Below are my statistics.  If you like to join, you can use my referral link  literacybase.com/?mref=scheng1


My weakness is in getting visitors and referrals.  I have just 574 visitors referred and that means that I earn just 57 cents from referring the visitors.

I am not active in social network so it is tough for me.

My earnings mainly come from editing my Bubblews posts so that they meet the 300 words requirement.

I get 15 cents per blog post of 300 words.  

Writing short blogs are better, because it is easier to write, and you get to earn more.

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