Earn Money Online Without Investment And Without Being Scammed

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Earn Money Online Without Investment And Without Being Scammed - Photo credit: blog.reliablenv.com, Edition by Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

We all want to work less and earn more. Internet for this is a great place. The trouble is that the cheaters always spin near these great opportunities. How to avoid getting into their traps? You can find out by learning from your mistakes or explore the experience of those who passed this road before.

I understand that the second way is better for those who think about earning online

I must say that I started searching for ways to earn online after I became an adult. Internet space did not change much through the years. The cheaters always are around us. The one difference - they invent new ways to cheat us, and those ways become more advanced. 

Everything is the same: all newcomers still place high hopes on making money on the Internet, and cheaters take advantage of their naivety and trustworthiness. 

So, let's talk about how to avoid cheating, let's share our experience with each other. 

••• The Internet cannot give you instant money.
••• Earn thousands of dollars online does not happen overnight.
••• There is no shortcut or quick way of earning money through legit ways.

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Without Investment And Without Being Scammed - Is It Possible? 

I will not start describing in detail what is remote work on the Internet or, in a different way, freelancing. My blog purpose is to help new Internet users to find real ways to earn online without investments and, most importantly, without being cheated. The blog does not describe ways to make money on the Web, but here you will learn how to find a job online and not be caught by scammers.

This blog I base on my personal experience of finding work on the Internet and, of course, is not a complete and comprehensive guide. Every day fraudsters come up with new ways of cheating or modernizing old scam schemes.

Therefore, our main advisers and help in trying to find money on the Internet are intelligent thinking, logic, and always included brains. It looks that the mistakes made by beginners have been the same for a long time. Just like the tricks of scam.


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The main motive for creating this article was my communication in various forums devoted to work on the Internet with newcomers to the Internet business. Which, for some reason, everyone as one, is sure that Internet earnings are such a form of freebies. And that remote work at home via the Internet, despite the absence of any knowledge and, most importantly, a wish to work, will definitely make them millionaires. Believe me; it is not.

Of course, you can earn online. But fo,r this you need to work and constantly learn. Otherwise, the dream about making money on the Internet without investments will remain a dream without consequences.

Perspectives To Earn Online 

As I mentioned, years ago I first time searched for ways to earn online. Of course, I thought, I will earn decent money. Like most newbies, I opened the Google search page in the browser and entered the query: earn online without investments. The search engine gave me a bunch of links, containing in their description such figures, from which my thirst for quick money rejoiced and increased in size several times.

If before entering my request, the largest amount of earnings, which I expected, was $10-20, then after I saw the phrase “you can easily earn $100 per hour”, “get $1000 a day”, “increase your income up to $2K a month”,and similar tempting offers, I freaked out and decided to consider only those offers, where they offered online work at home for at least $100 a day. Yes, also to work less and only when I want.

Inspired by the new perspectives and laughing at people who go to work every day for which they earn much less, I began to figure out where I would spend my first thousand dollars.


Avoid cheaters, scam sites - Photo credit: onlinejobrevenue.com

Then I selected a dozen of tempting references to "real earnings online" and "earnings without investments" and began to study proposals about how millions of money will fall on me, with what speed and in what cash value. 

And here I need to say a huge thanks to my parents, who since childhood taught me that I can not only eat with my head but also think. Because after viewing the first link to the offer of real online work at home, the vague doubts began to torment me. Feverishly, I looked at the second, then the third, and then all the other links.

But everywhere I was waiting for the same thing - stupid links and no less stupid scam, designed for an insatiable thirst for money and the complete absence of brains.


Online work at home scams sites - Photo credit: komunitasantiscam.blogspot.com

I admit honestly; I was feeling the cruel disappointment and deep insult (first on myself). I did not believe (or rather did not want to believe) that all these “prospects” of earning big money on the Internet without skills, without experience, without investments and without the need to feel tension turned out being nothing.

I looked at 20 pages of search results, but everywhere either they needed at least some knowledge of certain subjects, or (in most cases) these were pyramids and scam. I spent the next 3 days on freelancer exchanges and various forums dedicated to making money online, looking through ads with offers of this or that job.

And here I understood one simple, but very important thing that beginners forget about: the Internet is a part of our life. Not another life, but its part. And the Internet lives according to the principles and laws of offline life, some of which are slightly modified due to the specifics and characteristics of the Network, but their meaning remains unchanged. And when I understood this, I looked at the work on the Internet with different eyes.

In the end, I found a couple of services that offer work to novice copywriters. My real earnings on the Internet without investments began with them. But I wanted to talk about other things.


Make money on the Internet - Photo credit: itechdigest.blogspot.com

Easy Internet Earnings?

So why work on the Internet seems to people easy and like a freebie? What makes them believe in these enticing offers, to which they would have just laughed in offline life?

After all, if a person approaches you on the street and offers to buy a book, a disc or just a tool from him, which (according to him) will reveal to you a great secret about how to earn $1,000 a day sitting on the couch and doing nothing then, I think, some readers will simply indicate the direction in which this “businessman” should go, and the other part just laugh.

And we will do this because we are well aware that no one will give us money just like that. And if we sit on the couch and do nothing, then the only thing that can fall on us is the wreckage of the air castles we built. Here, as it seems to me, lies the main reason we perceive such offers of making money on the Internet differently than the same offers offline.


Ways to earn online - Photo credit: gambloglife.blogspot.com

The absolute majority of users very poorly imagine the very mechanism of the functioning of the Internet, the mechanism of the work of resources and services on the Web. 

This ignorance rises a misunderstanding of what the work on the Internet is paying and how much it will pay. After all, we live offline all our life and more or less understand it. We come to the Internet from time to time and are mostly interested in highly artistic films and photographs. Exactly until we are impatient to find real income on the Internet, preferably without investment.

Plus, an ordinary Internet user, thanks to the same ignorance, gladly buys on many advertisements like “Buy this book (disk, program, business package, etc.), which will explain to you how to create your website in 3 days and How to make $ 10,000 on it in the first month.

5 signs that an online course is a scam - Video credit: GrowthLab via Youtube.com

After all, if offline, in some bookstore, the same user sees a book called How to build your house in 3 days and rent it for $ 10,000 a month, then it will simply pass by. He will do it because he understands unreality to build a house in 3 days and then renting it out for $ 10,000. Actually creating the site, which earns you at least $ 1000 a month, is no easier than building a house. All these gurus who place such advertising on the Internet count on this ignorance.

Honest Work On The Internet

The earning online and search for such ways associate with certain difficulties. Scammers are constantly improving their pyramids and scam, finding new and new victims. The simple recommendations listed below allow me, until now to successfully avoid dubious ways of making money on the Internet. Plus, of course, common sense and a small amount of gray matter in the head.

••• You need to have a passion to learn new skills
••• You need to wait at least 2 – 3 months to get your first income
••• You need all the requirements as mentioned below.

Credit: onlinehomeincome.in 

So, there are indicative signs that scammers want to deceive you or deprive of everything you have earned:

The main sign of the scam - remember it well. It works absolutely in ALL cases without any if, but, or, and etc. It sounds like this:

• • • If you are offered a remote job or earnings online, or you read an ad ( in a post, topic, article on a forum, blog, website, etc.) and, at the same time, for getting started they ask you to buy something or pay (to invest, send, etc.) at least a dollar, then this is 100% scam.

In short, if to start making money on the Internet, you are asked to part with one way or another even with a meager amount, then this is 100% deception. This rule is valid not only on the Internet but also offline. An honest and normal employer will never ask a future employee to pay to start work!


Internet business scams - Photo credit: medium.com

The second most important sign of fraud:

• • • The work is easy, you don’t need to strain yourself, you can work 2 hours a day, anyone can cope and so on.

Remember:  the work for 2 hours a day does not make decent money!

The next sign:

• • • Vague (or no) description of the proposed work, written in vague phrases without specifying details: what kind of income, what exactly is the job, working conditions and pay for it, requirements for the employee, etc.

An honest employer interests in employees who clearly understand what is required of them and what conditions they agree to. Therefore, the ad tries to specify all the main points and requirements. If you see an ad of the type: Earnings on the Internet with a high income! Hurry up! - then almost certainly it will be this or that type of fraud.


Scam alert - Photo credit: commentgangnerd.blogspot.com

 Another sign of a scam:

• • • A promise to earn a large amount in a short time, or just a promise of large sums.

Your thirst for money here can calm such advice: imagine that you were offered a similar amount of money for the same work offline, and estimate how realistic this is. And remember one thing: a newbie will not be able to earn big money right away, either online or offline! And all who say the opposite are fraudsters.

An indirect sign of a scam:

• • •The not serious domain of a resource that offers you earnings at home without investments or promises to simply gild you.

Domain or domain name is the address of the site. For example, the serious site has xxxxxxx.com. If it has xxxxx.blog.com or xxxxx.wixsite.com, we can treat it as not serious. The site should be located on a high-quality paid hosting. So, if making money on the Internet is offered by a site that has not a serious domain, and also lives on free hosting, then I always pass by it.

 Another sign of a scam or, at least, the reason for the alert is that:

• • • When listing the merits of the particular way of making money on the Internet, one of the first points is the description of the referral program, which has received much attention.

If the service aggressively offers you to attract referrals, then a penny price for such a service.


Internet business, earn money online - Photo credit:mk.linkedin.com

Also, you can pay attention to this sign: 

• • • The execution mechanism of which is a complicated and confusing algorithm. 

Normal work on the Internet (and offline) is simple and understandable, like two pennies.

The following methods of fraud on the Internet:

• • •  $10-20 earnings on clicks, on polls, surfing, auto earnings,  and magic wallets.

These are probably the oldest ways of cheating on the Internet. And despite this, they still find their victims. Be careful.

In addition, a scam - this does not mean that you will just be asked to pay money. They may simply not pay for the work done, inventing various reasons for this. Or try to find out your turnout, names, and passwords. So in any case, before taking online work, torment the search engine with queries about a service or a person who offer you money on the Internet or other means of income.


Earn Money Online Without Investment And Without Being Scammed - Photo credit: kitagawa-office.blogspot.com

On The Final Note

Most importantly - do not forget that it is impossible to describe everything, especially in a short blog, so be careful and always involve your logical mind. Remember, all the normal ways of earning on the Internet for a beginner who does not have any special knowledge has been known for a long time, and their profitability depends on the beginner himself. Or rather, from his wish to work, and not to click, to surf, or to somehow fool around.

The same here, on Bitlanders site. If you want only to click some blogs, to buzz a few articles, but never take time and efforts to write blogs, create videos, then you will earn just a few pennies. But if you create blogs or videos, you can make much more. Stop fooling around, start working seriously. If you do not know something, ask those who can help, and always try to learn new things. Everything really depends on you. But it's a deviation from the blog's theme already. 

Remember that the Internet is not only a storehouse of useful information but also a very dangerous environment. You probably do not burn with the desire to join a huge number of people who have already been scammed online. I hope, you will avoid this!

Interview with bitLanders Founder: Francesco Rulli - Video credit: Bitsonline via Youtube.com

Of course, there are honest and legal ways of making money on the Internet, but they need time and effort. To make a stable income online takes a lot of time and learning! First of all, pay attention to Bitlanders! It offers you a legal way to earn online without investments. 


 Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. 

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