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The Violin

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Stress Relief!

Batang Kalye

Running out of coffee on the most sleepy part of the working day? Got stressed from an HYIP scam?Here's a video that would somehow……

by Batang_Kalye

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BTC - SCAM pages

Coco Deel

HI BTC Fans , send my all SCAM Pages please (with little discription), for my new Page and for all peaple.

by coco-deel

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Bitcoin Scams

Rodolfo Salvador

Bitcoin as with dollars or other currencies is not "scam proof" . The biggest scam that i know with regards to  the development……

by rodbitMA

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Beware of Bitcoin Eaters

Rhanz Ferrer

(I made a blog about this, a much more elaborated version but I refreshed the page as I thought it's already published and fvck gone……

by Rhanz

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gak asyik ah hehe


nanti pada saatnya akan mengalami kejenuhan jika banyak orang yang selalu upload gambar sebetulnya hal ini cukup diketahui karena……

by dhelia

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Relly Fontanilla

its some kind of mudos now a days, some people searching for online jobs and asking you to pay for a reg.fee or something that there……

by BitLand

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