Blog 004: Bubblews is Turning into a Scam site?

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I've been working for a site called Bubblews for a year. I joined the mentioned site last Feb 2013, but didn't start working until July 2014. I have read a lot of negative reviews about the site but I like to try it out. I was paid once with my $60 redemption and after that I have redemption pending on the site.

The site said that they will pay for the 90 days. 90 days have passed and I'm still waiting for my redemption. I think the site is turning to a scam. I hate this kind of feeling that when you have mailed the company they are not answering even the simplest questions. I think that really sucks and unjustifiable when you work on their site honestly. I have posted several blogs just to make them know that I don't like how their system works.

I see a lot of people are still writing on the site. I hope they will not be a victim of the site again. And some old writers on the site that still work for them. I don't know but I'm pretty sure that I don't violate any of their TOS.

I hope that they will review all my posts to check that I'm not cheating them in anyway. Are there any other people on the site working for Bubblews like me. Can you share some of your experiences to me as well.


Thanks and don't fall into the traps of the site that I mentioned earlier.

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