My story of being scam on Gumtree

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In the begining of march I was intending to buy a new laptop for myself... and after going thru many many many of the website, I found out tha Gumtree gives off very good deals, But unfortunately I got SCAMMMMMMMM!!!! For a total OF 600POUNDS !!!

I've alreasy reported this to the police, and they are still dealing with this, so my point is, never ever ever buy cheap stuff from the internet, it is always too good to be true, if you really do want to buy stuff, always always request for face to face transaction, and always always meet in public places. 


And finally, because I'm still a student here, and I really need to get back my money urgently, because I'm having a really tough time living in the UK after being scam.... 

So please, help me share my post out, or buzz me, I am very appreciated with all of your help.. 

And thanks for reading my post, I love you guys ! 

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