Beware of Bitcoin Eaters

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(I made a blog about this, a much more elaborated version but I refreshed the page as I thought it's already published and fvck gone like a wind. Anyway I need to post at least one blog tonight and I'm going straight to the point)

It's true that internet is a gold mine but at the same time a place for crooks to made their uncanny plans for innocent people like you who just wants to earn for something.

My main focus why I wrote this blog is about bitcoin investments. Legit sites, name it though rare. Scam sites, name it, thousands of them. I do have an experience to. I invested a small amount at Yeah, seeing your balance increase daily seems a lot of joy. But all changed when one day I can't access their site. It just went down. Sad but true. It has already happened and lesson learned.

Because of that experience, I learned to do a precautionary measure before making a move especially when money is related. Checking Google for afvisories and reviews was really worth it. Below are few sites:

So next time. Think before you click. Be alert and smart!

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