FAQ's About Paidverts

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What is paidverts?
Paidverts is actually a Paid to click website.This give users money when they watch other user's advertising.

What is difference between paidverts and all other paid to click websites ?

The main difference is that on other paid to click websites you get one or two cents while on Paidverts you get few cents to few bucks per click , based on your group.Here is one of my screenshot of advertisements:
as you can see i get 2 dollars for two clicks .

Will paidverts turn scam ?

Simple answer is no.Paidverts will never turn scam because it is just a small part of a crowdflowering community known as My traffic value.This company owns almost 3 Crore shares.So it will never turn scam because admin is earning thousands of dollars daily with this.

What is minimum payment value for paidverts ?
Minimum payment value for perfect money is just 1 $
for paypal and payza it is 2 $ 
For bank wire and western union it is 250 $.

The conclusion is that it will never turn scam so don't be afraid .Just invest as much as you can to earn more money.The best and the most stable website on the market.Join now and earn now.

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