6th Payment Came

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Happines was felt all around the corners of bitlanders yesterday when the payments from the past few days cashing out had came. When I visited grace's account, I was happy when I saw the logo of payment in her account. She had been so desperate about it as bitlanders team asked her to submit her other ID's...lol ^_^

Next stop was ako-eto's account, I saw 2 payments on his page that was smiling back to me saying: "Patience is a virtue my dear." haha But when I returned back to my page, still no payment was there.

The next profile I visited was jean-beltran's account...I was more amazed when I saw 3 payments on her page. Gosh! All payments are getting through yet mine was still not there.

But when I visited my bitcoin wallet if I haven't receive any yet, surprised as the payment from the site is coming in (still on a faded/blurry font). I immediately went back to my account and...boom! That logo above greeted me ^_^

Oh yes, that's my 6th payment! ^_^ Thank you so much guys for the support and friendship ^_^

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