8 Beautiful Beaches in Quezon Province

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What awaits you in Quezon Province: Untouched, Unspoiled and Unexploited Beaches

Scouring the shores of our beautiful archipelago, you can find several beaches that are still untouched and unexploited, leaving it’s natural beauty to mesmerize you. Now Quezon Province is home to a lot of these kinds of beaches. No frills, no beach vendors, no big establishments, no loud parties at night, but all the most unforgettable memories waiting to be made will be found here.

Here are the most popular unspoiled beaches in Quezon Province:

1. Salibungot Beach

Peace and Serenity– If you are aiming to have the ultimate break from the hurly burly of the city life, go ride a bus going to Real town in Quezon Province and take a boat to Jomalig Island to see the famous golden coast of Salibungot Beach.

Jomalig Island is a remote island municipality of Quezon Province. Salibungot beach is unique for the Agoho Pine Trees that borders the coastline. Contrary to other beaches that offers all those loud and crazy night life, Salibungot beach is far different because you can only hear a couple of birds singing, the calming sound of the waves and the relaxing voice of nature that can soothe any tired soul.

2. Kanaway Island

Now this island is very near Jomalig Island. During low tide, you can go walk to the islets Pulo and Manlanat. This island is the best island to see the sunrise. While in the island, you can enjoy having picnics, eat freshly grilled fish and marinated squid. Getting here is quite challenging though, you need to catch a ride from Manila going to Infanta, Quezon, find Real, (the port that would lead you to Patnanungan) ride a boat going to Patnanungan then switch boat that will go to Jomalig Island in the middle of the ocean (Yes, you read it right, so muster up some courage), then once in Jomalig Island, you need to hire a boat going to the beautiful Kanaway Island.

3. Minasawa Island

Are you in for a Bird watching? If you are, then this is the best place in Quezon where you can do just about that and more. Boasting a great beach forest and a beautiful coastline, Minasawa Island is the place you should be. Located in Burdeos, Quezon, You can get in touch with the wild, go take shots of some avian friends and enjoy the sandy shores at the same time.

4. Alabat Island

Situated in Lamon Bay near Atimonan, Quezon, Alabat Island is a cool place you should get yourself to, its quite, it’s beautiful and it’s just the right place with the right kind of people (People here are very hospitable and friendly, not that this is something new about Filipinos). If you try googling about it, you can barely see pictures of the place, well which you know is a good sign,( it means its unspoiled and non-commercialized —YET!)

5. Cagbalete Island

This island can be found in Mauban, Quezon. Mangroves, Pretty sand patterns (which you will see during low tide), and the rocky pools Bonsai Island are among the prettiest sites that you could see in this beach. Since nothing beats immersing yourself in nature as a way of detoxing yourself from the stress of living in an urban area, then you can walk around the island and enjoy a good trail of adventure.

6. Borawan Beach

As featured in Rappler, Borawan, Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin are all easily accessed through riding a bus ride (after your trip from Manila to Lucena) going to Padre Burgos and asked to be dropped off at Basiao junction. These beaches are located close to each other, that’s why you can go check them all during your stay.

Borawan is also famous as one of the unspoiled beaches in the country. The name is coined after combining the ever famous names of Boracay (because of the white sand) and Palawan (because the place resembles Palawan.

7. Puting Buhangin

Puting Buhangin (well of course the sand is white, as the name suggests) boasts a cool submerged cave where you can go to fill your thrill-hungry selves.

8. Dampalitan Beach

If you are into sunsets, and bonfires then Dampalitan is the beach for you. This island has a reputation for being a beautiful spot to watch the sun’s light be slowly replaced by the beautiful darkness of the night. This beach is also famous as a camper’s site, which is why most people who wanted to spend the night in Padre Burgos go to

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