8 experience so that you get a trip in the holidays

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1 identification: Whether traveling domestically or abroad, you never have to carry identity papers.

If you are traveling abroad, be prepared passports, identity cards, check airfare and hotel bookings papers or other services. In case of accompanying children must bring a birth certificate for the baby.

As domestic travel, you also have to carry ID card / driving license, train tickets, booking papers and other services to the hotel registration procedures.

2 Money, cards, ATM: You would think that of course traveling will have to carry money. But you still have to thoroughly prepare on the road to imperial times when you forget. You should prepare an emergency fund and if traveling abroad, the integral is going to change money before leaving the country.

You also do not forget to bring your ATM card to run out of money in case there is an emergency call for assistance by relatives.

3 cosmetic bags = fragrant secret: Proactively preparing for her a bag of cosmetics including lotion, sunscreen, body wash, facial cleanser, shampoo ...

Especially toothbrush and toothpaste is indispensable in your travels. A small tube of toothpaste, do not take up much space will be more convenient to move and travel. Thanks to it, you will feel confident and comfortable.

Moreover, unexpected moments and romantic kisses throughout the trip will make you feel more confident with him.

4 bags medicines, medical instruments: Do not forget to prepare personal medicine bag when traveling, such as cold medicines, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, cure insect bites, oil and wind, stomach pain medications, drugs motion sickness, aircraft ... to prevent the cold or when unexpected accidents, night or unfamiliar places where you are not familiar paths should not be purchased.

5 casual Shoes: When you have to travel constantly moving and walking a lot. So, if you bring sturdy shoes or high heels would be a big mistake because it will make your feet become swollen.

You should be prepared canvas shoes, sports soft, flat base for easy travel and climbing. And if you go to the beach, you should prepare a pair of sandals for a stroll on the beach.

6 paper towels, hand towels, bath towels: When traveling you should prepare a wet paper towel to dry your hands for easy moving vehicle or while eating. In addition, the washcloths and towels are also indispensable in your journey.

Whether the hotel where you will prepare for hand towels and bath towels for you, but to ensure hygiene and health for yourself, you should bring your own is the best.

Gel 7 handwashing Dry: Normal, or we do not pay attention to these things, but to ensure their health and loved ones of the trip, you should bring antibacterial soap to keep hands clean, minimize the possibility of food poisoning.

However, when traveling in a vehicle or in places where there is no water available to wash, then hand sanitizing gel is an extremely convenient solution. You and those who do not need to wash away along with water while maintaining bactericidal, deodorant for hands, very suitable for moving and picnic.

8 camera, charger and backup battery: Camera indispensable for you to record the moments and the beauty of the places you travel to, so that later you can "show off" to people and keep family memories.


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